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Experience the good life at the seaside holistic Yoga centre in a quiet corner of Koh Phangan island in the south of Thailand.
Ananda’s Yoga Hall is 15m x 10m (150m2of clear space), making it one of the biggest in Thailand. At Ananda, we are very pleased to host some of the advanced-level courses of Agama, with variety of life-enhancement and rejuvenating programs for Body, Mind and Spirit.


Ananda offering special Health Yoga classes tailored to fit an individual’s needs.  Whether you are on detox or fasting or have high blood pressure, thyroid gland, pre-diabetic symptoms or any other type of condition, these classes will offer specific asanas for specific situations.  A teacher will guide you through a class geared to fit your lifestyle and needs.  Focusing on flexibility and range of motion, Health Yoga is for all types of students from young to old and beginners to advanced students and yoga teachers.


Ananda’s detox and fasting programs have proven and shown how internal cleansing of the body acts to reduce physical weakness, reduces states of distress and depression, as well as to alleviate the symptoms of many illnesses. It eliminates feelings of being heavy and unclean, slows down the ageing process and fortifies people’s immune systems.


Here at Ananda, we offer two forms of accommodation. Guests can choose to stay in our standard fan rooms or in our bungalows. All accommodation includes complimentary use of our wifi, herbal steam sauna, and chlorine-free saltwater swimming pool. All accommodation has hot water and a private bathroom, and a balcony with hammock.
Standard rooms include fans. The bungalows include air conditioning and a refrigerator. Bungalows are elevated and have magnificent views of the Gulf of Thailand and National Marine Park.

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