Morning Meditation Flow from Loyfa BetterLife

12 Feb 2021

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Our days at Loyfa BetterLife begin with Morning Flow Meditation.  Originating from the Zen tradition, participants are taken through a process of sitting and walking meditations.  This natural series of movements encourages an embodied awareness, allowing the mind to gently become more calm, connected and quiet.  With this approach to meditation, one learns to integrate meditation into every aspect of daily life.

For many, long periods of seated meditation can be intimidating.  At BetterLife we aim to gently ease you into a meditation practice.  Our one hour classes begin by settling you into one of our large comfy meditation cushions, making sure the body is supported in any way it needs.  We also have chairs available. Our teacher will guide you into presence through first focusing on the breath.  


After a short time we will switch to a period of walking.  Walking meditation can be done in a variety of ways and you will experience differences in each of our classes.  Sometimes we will walk slowly and guided. Participants will be encouraged to focus on the movement of their feet and legs or the contact with them on the floor, sounds nearby or those caused by the body.  Other sessions will involve a more natural pace of walking, bringing awareness to whatever surfaces in the mind.

The class will continue to alternate between seated and walking, the second round being slightly longer than the first. 

In Buddhist philosophy, the ultimate benefit of meditation is liberation of the mind from attachment to things it cannot control, such as external circumstances or strong internal emotions.  In our modern lives we are constantly confronted by situations which trigger us to react. Cultivating more awareness in your life, whether through meditation or any other contemplative practice will give you the choice and space to respond rather than react.  This enables us to lives with more with more balance and clarity.