A Modern Pilgrim - Konstantina Koutsogiannis

12 Feb 2021

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Konstantina Koutsogiannis at first actually had no intentions on making her way to Koh Phangan as in her world it is known for the full moon party, that was about it of her knowledge. However after travelling Phuket, some intuition guided her here.

“It's undeniable that the energy on the Island can influence changes in your life, and there are loving travelers to meet.

What do you do in the 'real world'?
I studied fashion marketing out of high school, self-taught a lot of other skills... but after a few trial and error from the ages of 15 - 23, I realized the cards we were dealt (this society) was a scam and lie. I couldn't hold on to a job or project because I was lost, I was confused as to why I was doing all of it. So I had to let go of everything so that I could deal myself my own set of cards.

It required lots of work and still does. I went through the unlearning phase of everything– to find my truth or the meaning of all of this. I went through self-destruction/isolation, revealing certain illusions, conditionings, traumas, I was walking through the dark. But  now with my discoveries it's clear that I was conditioned to want only things that society wanted for me.

I couldn't hear myself screaming to teach, to guide and to tell stories. Now I'm Integrating and focusing on grounding to create security and stability.

I am going back to school to take specific courses and classes to better my skills on leadership, management, etc. I plan to open an 18th century inspired Esoteric School. Focusing on the science and practice of mysticism/spirituality/consciousness. Expanding consciousness and raising our vibration to reach our highest reality of joy, love and pleasantness. This includes how to live and keep up with our economic system. It's about Integrating into the world not submissively disintegrating. (brief haha)

Explain your modem pilgrimage…
I've been a modern pilgrim now for 3 years.

Travelling, unemployed, completely disorientated, seeking for the truth. Struggling month by month to survive. Learning from everything I was feeling and observing where it was all coming from. If I felt anything at all. I needed to know WHO I WAS. WHO AM I?

How could I reprogram and change my subconscious to work for me in a progressive way. A new way.

Pilgrimming to me means a seeker of knowledge. Who then can transcend the  knowledge into understanding and then wisdom.

I was simply a seeker. But a modern galactic type seeker. I don't smell. I wash my clothes. I still think about integrating into modern society. I just wanted to know more, I was curious, not Konstantina but my soul, it guided it here to find answers;

Whose leading our world, why is there suffering? How can we change? What is the purpose of existence? I wasn't satisfied with the nihilistic approach, not even Buddhist... I wanted more. I still want more. But it's important you grow your roots in order to keep travelling up.

modern pilgrim
What sparked this idea for you?
The fact that I couldn't live a life of ignorance, a life of conditioning, a life of fear and worry. And a few external influences... Scientists, spiritual teachers etc.

How do you travel with no money?
My god. Strength, bravery and courage. Eating your pride... Putting aside your ego. And doing everything you can do to make it happen. Everything is possible. You just have to want it, try, not give up, and learn how people think, certain laws of energy, play different characters, transform... There's nothing comfortable about it, but the challenge is more satisfying than a paycheck month to month.

What will stay with you forever/ what have you learnt?
I'm a multi dimensional avatar living a human experience in a holographic world that is created by a common belief in quantum thought. Everything is energy and can be changed just like that with the power of your will. Nothing is permanent, you can be whoever you want to be. But if you vibrate low you'll never find happiness. We create our own reality, our inner vibrations create our outer counterpart.

Most important,

We are not alone, people want to help, you just have to ask and keep asking.

Would you encourage others to do similar things? If so, how?
Yes, in fact, if things don't change, I have even considered to eventually create funding towards these experiences. But we are most likely to achieve something greater when you do it alone


Influence it through creating content, and the people who hear the message loud and clear will most likely take action on it consciously or not.

What did you learn from the island of Koh Phangan?
The island didn't teach me anything but it gave me an opportunity to continue practicing. Like I said, the vibration is high, high vibration has a cause and effect. My heart almost fully opened on the island, I swear, everyday was pure love... And I experienced some beautiful mystical moments.

modern pilgrim
What did you enjoy here?
Variety of people: nomads, artists, expats... Variety of conscious foods, holistic centers, events... The food. Ripping around on a scooter.

The light the sun emits there specifically was fantastic. Loved the sunsets

Village life, no rushing. My favourite.

Leave us with your life philosophy......
The more garbage you have inside,

The more garbage you see outside.


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