The Vibes of Venus

12 Feb 2021

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anika, venus vibes, dj, phangan, party

Venus Vibes

We are very happy to finally be able to share Anikas Phangan DJ story!

Anika aKa Venus Vibes has for a long time been Resident Dj on Phangan.
She is one of the most well known, loved & liked DJs on the island. Respected for her skills on the decks and has proven herself to be an excellent genre mixer!

Through the years she has shown her herself as a Dj with various skills and talents!

Her skill set reaches from Tech House to PsyTrance. From London to Goa on Phangan.
She is an experienced Psy Trance Dj and her Progressive Trance sets are definitely of the same caliber!

Last year she played at very wicked progressive set at the Vuuv Experience Festival in Germany and on the Alternative Scene;

anika, venus vibes, dj, party, phangan

On Koh Phangan she has been a part of the Shiva Moon Family for many years and we are many who have had sweet psychedelic dances to her beats behind the decks there!

She was also playing at the  New Years Experience Festival on Koh Tao.
The two photos on the left side is from her performance there.

Since 2008 resident dj and promoter at Pirates Bar and since this year also the Mer Ka Ba Beach Club - and here we really get to hear her Electro Tech and Techno Talents!

She has by now developed a fine unique sound in a wicked mixture of all her genre skills and her technique and mixing are – according to her Senior and co-resident at Mer ka Ba, Graham Gold – very spotless!!

We also had the pleasure of her excellent Techish Skills at the Sramanora Waterfalls party.

anika, venus vibes, dj, phangan, party

Anika arrived for the first time on this island in December 2004.

"It was the first trip to a different continent for me, in fact my very first time in an airplane.
I had no idea what to expect from Koh Phangan, as I simply agreed to go on holiday with my friends.

Just a week before arriving, I played my very first dj set at a small party in Germany, organized by my Mentor and one of the friends that I came out to Thailand with."

Koh Phangan has always been a trance party island and she was amazed to come here and see it all happening;

anika, venus vibes, dj, party, phangan

"The Parties at the time were just full power psychedelic life changing experiences for me!

A tropical jungle environment where all my senses got totally exploded with the sheer beauty of this wild Island and the magic of living the moment to the fullest."

Now she is a Resident DJ and a local "Fallang".
She must have liked it!!

On the photo on the right side, - the traces of psychedelic experiences ; )))

Below is a clip from the beloved Ban Sabaii Afterparties on the Ban Tai Beach. The sweetest family gathering for everyone!

The last couple of years Koh Phangan has slowly changed from Pure Psy Trance into more Electro & Techno Styels but for Anika this can be an interesting development.

"The music scene here on this island is constantly evolving.

Compared to Ibiza which is famous for its techno-minimal and house scene and Goa for its psychedelic Trance scene, Koh Phangan is becoming an open ended place where the passion of electronic dance music is celebrated in all genres, because at the end of the day, that’s what it`s all about, letting urself go, being free and dance."

anika, venus vibes, dj, party, phangan

"I am simply enchanted with both music styles, Techno and Goa trance. I love to play them equally and I found that both music styles have a very positive influence on each other within my  two sets".

And she dont seem to be wrong in her assumptions about mixing the two styles. She is mostly full booked and very busy with her residencies and other gigs around the island and the world!

“ happy to say that I´ve been fortunate enough to have played in quite a few countries including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Japan, China ,Bali, Singapore and Taiwan."

anika, dj, venus vibes, party, phangan, mer ka ba, ban sabaii
Almost every Tech House or Trance venue on this island has had an appearance from Miss Genre Mix! 

"So far I have played at almost all of the parties here on the island and nowadays I have three residences like Shivamoon, Moonset party and Mer ka ba, as on the photo on the right.

Confirmed upcoming Gigs are Ku Club, Backyard and more tba ;)"

Since she returned from her performance in Japan last year, her and Paul Taylor has together created a new project known as Nutcase.
It is within the Psy Trance genre and is very inspired by the Trip she had to Japan!

anika, venus vibes, dj, phangan, party, trance, techno

It was very clear for everyone to see that she have had a good trip and tour when she returned from Japan to Phangan.
She was a very happy girl by the look f it and she returned to the decks with new ideas and happy experiences!

Photo on left is Anika Trancing it at a Secret Outdoor Party on her Japan Tour!
ankia, venus vibes, dj, party, phanganOn the right she is at the Axxics Club Shibuja Japan.

These days Anika spends a lot of time in the studio working on the Nutcase project, that she and Paul Taylor created together, - if she is not busy playing somewhere!

About the production at the Nutcase project she says;

"Since becoming involved in the actual production of tracks, my whole understanding of electronic dance music has expanded and I find myself even more amazed about my freaky, wild,  free and blissed out life here on this magical island." she says about the work in the studio.

The Name Venus Vibe, she brought with her from Germany;
anika, dj, venus vibes, party, phangan

"Actually it was suggested by my german friend Robert. Shortly after adopting the name, I was quite surprised to discover that there was in fact another male Dj using that name and also happened to be from my local area.
I sent him an email, explaining that the name Venus Vibes would definitely suit a female Dj more and as I am a Taurus on top, Venus also happens to be my ruling planet.

anika, venus vibes, dj, party, phangan, pirates bar

He was more than happy to agree with the exception to write Venus Vibes as two separate words."

For now and probably some time ahead you can catch her playing Trance at Shiva Moon Family parties and Tommys Beach Club resort on the Full Moon Beach - or Techno at The Pirate Bar and Mer Ka Ba Beach Club!!

On the right is a shot of the Magnificent Pirates Bar. A ship on land the decks raised above the colourful stringworks overlooking the sandy beach dance floor only a few meter from the waterline.
Pirates Tech House ROCK !

As a last treat before we round up this interview is Anika in the Woods playing Psy Trance!

Thanks to Anika for her time and energy, her beats and her skills - and for all the future Boogies she will create for us on the dance floors around this island and the world.

Phanganist wish her the best of Luck for her upcoming projects and hope to see much more of her, either on the Techno Scene or from the Goa Trance Family!

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