Koh Phangan Psy and Trance Parties

12 Feb 2013

For many years, the Trance scene and music have been on the island of Koh Phangan. In reality, it was one of the first forms of electronic dance music to be here. Long before the advent of the House and Techno scene. The island still draws the Trance family from across the globe. 

Jo Moontribe

Not for the faint-hearted

Psy-Trance derives from Goa Trance, which presumably comes from Goa in India, and it becomes more trippy in feeling with Psy-Trace, hence the 'Psy' meaning Psychedelic. 
Psy-Trance and Goa Trance has a huge worldwide audience and is more of a great community than simply a form of music. In the Psy-Trance scene, anticipate tons of dreadlocks, fractal artwork, tribal looking individuals and crystals, fused all together. 
This type of music is not for the faint-hearted, and you might be a little lost if you haven't experienced it before, but soon something may happen and you may or may not understand it. 
Psychedelic Trance will place you in a Trance-like condition as the name implies and this music produces very special energy on the dancefloor, it is almost primal in the way dancers respond and while at a Trance party you will get lost in it and build your own journey. 

Trance Season

December and January are a wonderful time here on Koh Phangan for the Trance family, thanks to the Experience Festival that happens during the new year on our tiny sister island of Koh Tao. Therefore, several of the Trance family are going over to these tropical waters to see relatives from all over the globe in the brand new year. Many people would be going to Koh Phangan and heading to Koh Tao for the holiday, coming here for a few weeks or even months at the beginning of the year to call Phangan their home for this time.

Trance Party Koh Phangan


If the Trance scene is new to you, however you know it draws your soul and stimulates your curiosity, then don't be scared to speak to people or get interested, for the Trance Family is genuinely a family and some of the most accepting souls. There are lots of parties of Trance, celebrations and family all over the world, so get active and appreciate the Koh Phangan tribe!

Trance DJ

Psymsara by Samsara Beach Club

Psymsara is the Psytrance side of Samara Beach Club which is the collaboration project between Sacred Moon Phangan & Samsara since January 2017. To this day, they’ve organized many exclusive and local events during past years ! 

Every year many Psytrance lovers visit the island. Samsara Psytrance events are one of the most well known and favorite parties for local and those international Psy travelers.

WOW Viewpoint

WOW Viewpoint is a new Psytrance venue in the heart of Ban Kai Jungle hillside with a birdseye view and breathtaking dance floor , chill zone ,Bar , shake and snacks & Skunk Bar around it! 

Wow Viewpoint parties  began officially in February 2021 in the middle of Pandemic and continued With a powerful appearance in season 2021-2022 by organizing many exclusive events hosted by Sacred Moon Phangan!


Blackmoon Culture

Gather for an evening packed with the new and freshest Experimental and Full-on Psytrance brought to you by Foreign and Resident Guest Dj's in Bantai. Brought to you from the Magic Phangan Squad and who also serve their decorations with breath-taking eye candy.

Blackmoon Culture

Shiva Moon

One of the sweetest Koh Phangan parties for Trance lovers! A party spot in the Baan Tai area, 2 minutes' drive into the jungle. A lovely garden of trance vibes where they play Psy Trance in a wonderfully lit valley all night long! The lighting is performed so well that the spot after sunrise is impossible to remember! It's a real party for lovers of Trance who will dance all night long!

Shiva Moon

Halfmoon Festival

The Half Moon Festival, held in a tropical forest on paradise island, draws several thousand participants to each event. Guests from all around the world travel to this iconic festival to discover it. It's an out-of-this-world experience of entertainment, drinking, culture, art and electricity. A combination of foreign DJs and live artists, as well as homegrown stars, are included in the line-up. Each floor has its own unique visual theme and type of music. The Tribal Floor is the main floor. The floor of the fairy forest with its strong and punchy raw energy. A significant force behind this floor is Psy Trance and progressive. So predict UV lamps, neon decorations, fire and other components of insanity.


Ban Sabaii

STRICTLY TRANCE at Ban Sabaii, spanning from Slow Funky, PROGRESSIVE to FULL-ON and Mystical, brought to you by Resident DJ's plus a long list of Foreign Guests, is the MUSIC they bring you at BAN SABAII. With more and more stunning party people from all over the world and all expressing the same good spirit, the BAN SABAII FAMILY continues to get bigger and larger every year, genuinely wanting to have a hangout together in an environment full of passion, unity & harmony.

Ban Sabaii

Tommy Resort (Full Moon)

One of the stages of the Full Moon Party where you can still dance to Psy-Trance on the night of a Full Moon!

Tommy Resort

Samsara (Psymsara)

PSYMSARA is the Psy Trance Side of Samsara Beach Club Koh Phangan since 20th February 2017! It’s a collaborative project of Samsara Beach, Sacred Moon & Phangan Freeqs Co. who believe in music same way some people believe in fairy tales.