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Koh Phangan House and Electro parties

3 Feb 2013


The House and Electro music scene on Koh Phangan has developed rapidly during the last 2 years.

Before you could find House music mostly during the Full Moon party in Haad Rin in some of the venues, today most of the clubs in Baan Tai (the main party area) and all over the island are choosing to play this style of music. Some of the main parties on the Island that used to play trance before such as the Jungle Experience and the Pirates Bar are now playing Deep and Tech House.

The main area of all the parties is in Baan Tai. Here you can find many venues such as the Jungle ExperienceLoi LaySramanora waterfall party, and Electronic Lounge.

They will play music in the range between Deep and Funky House to minimal and Tech.

Jungle Experience Party Koh Phangan
Jungle Experience Party Koh Phangan

The Jungle Experience is the biggest House party on Koh Phangan happeing outside the Full Moon night.

There are 2 Jungle Experience parties during the month, the first one is 4 days before the Full Moon and the second one is 1 day before. The venue located at Baan Tai Jungle 5 minutes drive from Seven Eleven Baan Tai.

Many travelers arrive specially on these days to the Island to participate at this Jungle carnival.

They will play Deep Funky House boogied out by the resident DJs Darragh Casey, Lady Oh and Rob Gritton.

At the first hours of the event you can enjoy art shows and during most of the night walking around the garden you can enjoy different art performances such as fire dancing.

The party starts at 9pm and finish at 7am.

Free entry to this party is possible to the visitors who enters before 11pm.

Loi Lay Party Koh Phangan
Loi Lay Party Koh Phangan

  Baan Tai  8pm-6am

Loi Lay floating bar is a weekly party on every Sunday night on Baan Tai pier.

The venue is a big floating rhapsody connected with a bridge to the land.

This party started at the beginning of 2012 and became very fast one of the most  famous and successful parties running on Koh Phangan for the House music lovers.

The music played there is Deep and Funky House and its a recommended place to hang out and meet some of the local Farangs who visit this party often.

The party on Sundays are called "The Boat" party and during the week in the high seasons parties are held there almost on a daily basis.

The party starts at 6pm, which is a good time to come and enjoy a beautiful Koh Phangan sunset and will peek around 10pm and continues through the night till 6am.

Sramanora Party Koh Phangan
Sramanora Party Koh Phangan

 Baan Tai  8pm-6am

Sramanora Waterfall party is in one of the most beautiful places on Koh Phangan.

This place is highly recommended for a visit during the day and not less during the party at night time.

The venue located in Baan Kai between Baan Tai and Haad Rin is about 5 minutes drive from Seven Eleven Baan Tai toward Haad Rin.

The DJ boot covered by murals painted by the artists Queen Luana and Aia with glittering colors which give the audience another aspect of beauty to the already memorizing waterfall. If you walk up the small road from the dance floor you will find a natural pool to swim and chill in during the party night.

They play Tech, Minimal and Progressive House hosted by 3 resident DJS, Peter G the music producer, Filippo Calvenzi and Trible Sky.

The party starts at 9pm and continue till 8 in the morning or much after depending on the amount of people remaining on the dance floor.


Pirates Bar party is far out of Baan Tai area, in Haad Chao Pao between Srithanu and Haad Yao.

This  venue is also on the beach. They have small bar shaped as a boat and a DJ boot hanging of the rocks above creating a cozy atmosphere for dancing and mingling.

They play Minimal and Tech House hosted by residents DJs Peter G and Snoopid.

The venue runs to party lines (especially during the hight season December - April) The first 1 called Moon Set which occurs few days before and after the Full Moon party and the other called Pirates night which happens once in a while during the week.

The party starts at 8pm and continue till 6 in the morning.

Secret Garden Party Koh Phangan
Secret Garden Party Koh Phangan

Secret Garden located in Haad Rin where the Full Moon Party takes place.

The venue is in a small street 1 minutes walk from the famous Chicken corner.

Its a beautiful designed bar which parties every Thursday starting from 8pm and continues till 2am.

The music played is Deep house hosted by resident DJ PHB and other international DJs.

Backyard is probably the most famous place for the Full Moon after party.

Hanging of the rocks over viewing Haad Rin beach performing a party only 1 time during the month at the morning after the Full Moon Party.

The party starts at 7am and continues through the day till 10pm.

Here you will hear Progressive House from resident DJ Boyonic and many others of the international DJs who lives on the island as well as internal DJ guests.

Guys Bar Party Koh Phangan
Guys Bar Party Koh Phangan

Haad Yuan  8pm-9am

Guys bar in Haad Yuan north to Haad Rin beach. 

To get there you take a boat taxi from Haad rin in the cost of 200-500 Baht depends of the amount of people sharing the boat.

The parties in Guys Bar are weekly parties on every Friday night, starting at 8pm and continue till 11am the day after.

The music played there is Funky and minimal house hosted by resident DJ David Chong and resident DJ Peter G.

When the party finish an after party starts about 15 minutes walk from Guys bar in a place called Eden Garden on the same beach.

Eden Garden perform parties twice a week.

One starts on Saturday noon when the Guys bar party finish and continues till Sunday at 9am.

The other runs every Tuesday night starting at 9pm and continue till Wednesday 9 am.

The music played there is Minimal and Tech hosted by resident DJ Peter G and many other international DJs.


Haadrin   8pm-5am

Fubar is located only 30m from the Full Moon Beach in Haad Rin.

They are best known for their weekly Monday Session parties and the love of house music shines through with numerous international DJ's playing there regularly.

Resident DJ Annie G plays Deep, Dirty and Tech house.

Other international DJ's can be heard playing Fidgit and Jackin House.