Beautiful Sunset Spots on Koh Phangan

22 Apr 2021

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Sunsets are that magical time of the day where we meet up with friends and travellers from all over the globe to sip on an ice-cold beer or a refreshing coconut to chit chat about what we discovered that day, which beaches or waterfalls we went to, what food did we try for the first time or simply to just enjoy the different shades of pink, purple, orange & blue the sky brings to us, the gentle waves hitting the shores or the sheer size of the jungle below us from above the mountains.
Whether you want to enjoy the sunset on the beach or the mountains, with or without lots of people, with music or without - Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with our favourite sunset spots from North to South & East to West (....Well, not East because sunset is on the West haha - If you wait long enough though you could see the sunset on the East, that’s called sunrise).

Sunset Koh Phangan

Why Sunset?

Sunsets are romantic, inspiring, and Instagram-able. In order to enjoy the relaxing, stunning, and life-changing moments of a sunset, you do not need to be in an exotic place, however, here we are! Every single day, no matter where you are, the sun rises and falls so there's no excuse why it's not possible to take a few minutes to infuse wonder into your day by pausing for sunset.

Koh Phangan Sunset

Benefits of Sunset

Research indicates that sunsets have many psychological effects that improve life and physical benefits of long-lasting happiness and have been shown to alleviate stress. So drive to your happy place every time you're having a bad day and see your concerns melt away. 
This provides you with a justification to go outside. For no explanation, they don't call it a magical hour. It would be worth taking just a few minutes out of your day to witness some of the sunset's stunning moments - even if you have to go back to your day’s chores afterwards. Nature is the soul's natural power, and just 10 to 20 minutes of fresh air can make you feel refreshed and concentrated. 
It'll give you inspiration. There is a reason why sunsets for poets, authors and romantics alike have been a constant source of inspiration. The timeless and powerful experience has a transcendent spiritual aspect that, when incorporated into one's everyday life or weekly life, can have a positive, therapeutic, creative and restorative impact. Let the magical colours of the sky inspire you to paint the most wonderful picture of your life. 
It will make you more appreciative of the World. Beauty enriches and makes life a lot more satisfying. Seeing the sunrise or sunset has been known to give you a stronger sense of appreciation for the world. You get rid of all distractions while you are caught up in the natural beauty of the World (like a sunset) and experience higher levels of happiness and appreciation for what's happening in front of you. 
This slows time down. Many individuals would agree that the warm colours of the sunset have the ability to halt just about everyone in their tracks. Give your split attention to the painting that is magically formed in front of your very eyes after you get your Instagram-worthy image. When the awe-inspiring colours of the sky completely captivate your attention, you are truly lost in the moment and time slows down. It's a form of meditation that helps you to clear your mind of anything that happens outside of that example.

Koh Phangan Sunset

Koh Phangan Sunsets


Leela Beach

Where is it? Located down South just 5 minutes away from Haadrin Beach. 
Why should you watch the sunset from here? If you’re already in Haad Rin, Leela Beach is the closest beach facing West. Quiet and peacefully surrounded by 4-star hotels it's a great place for couples to dine on expensive cocktails and gourmet food. Also note, depending on the time of the year - sunsets may be too up North to see. Thus, recommend the next spot on our list for guaranteed jaw-dropping views. 

Leela Beach Sunset from The Cabin Resort


Where is it? Just a few minutes away from the Baan Kai Family Mart. Ideally located if you’re coming from Haadrin, Thong Nai Pan, Than Sadat & Baan Tai. The first hill is quite steep however most scooters should make it up with two people. If in doubt, park at the bottom and walk-up. 
Why should you watch the sunset from here? The views from here are unreal and the simple wooden aesthetic design of Apichada makes you feel like you’re in a magical treehouse dream that you never had as a kid. Their comfy Thai style mattresses and friendly staff are the perfect complements. 

Apichada Viewpoint

Secret Mountain

Where is it? Located on the mountains of Baantai and pretty much in the centre of the island. As the name suggests, it's up in the mountains and definitely is the island's best-kept secret. The road up is paved with concrete however is quite narrow and steep. If you don’t feel confident to drive up then I’d suggest parking at the bottom and walking up. You’ll appreciate the swimming pool and views way more!
Why should you watch the sunset from here? If Tarzan had a bachelor pad and needed a place to show off his bananas then Secret Mountain would be the perfect spot. Equipped with a massive swimming pool, comfy cushions, loungers and different platform levels. It’s a top all-around choice for gathering with friends and family.

Secret Mountain

Amsterdam Bar

Where is it? Between Hinkong & Thongsala, along the coastal roadway up in the mountains lies Amsterdam Bar. The road up is quite steep so be cautious. 
Why should you watch the sunset from here? You’ll probably be dragged here anyways as most travellers have Amsterdam Bar jotted down on their to-do list. Comfortable Thai mattresses, delicious drinks, infinity pool and good company. The perfect recipe for a sunset session. If you’re here during the infamous Full Moon Party week then expect it to be packed to the brim as it's the go-to sundowner spot. 

Amsterdam Bar

Zen Beach

Where is it? In the vibrant hippy town of Srithanu is Zen Beach. Follow the dirt road from CM Thai Language School and enjoy the 5 minutes drive through the tall trees and forest. If you get there early, try to remember where you’ve parked your bike or use something to make your bike stand out, when it gets busy and after dark, it can be almost impossible to find your bike that looks exactly the same as everyone else’s. 
Why should you watch the sunset from here? Zen Beach is a melting pot of nomads, hippies, free spirits, musicians, yogis, flow artists & everybody in between. The crowd here is also less touristy and filled with more “locals” or long term travellers which is a nice welcome change from the average tourist. Another reason to visit Zen Beach is you’ll be struck with conversations about topics you’ve never thought of before from friendly strangers and you’ll also meet people with very interesting backgrounds and interests.  A top spot for socializing with strangers!
Zen Beach

Mae Haad Beach / Koh Ma Beach

Where is it? Located in the North West of Phangan just 5 minutes from Chaloklum village. Mae Haad is famous for its sandbank running between two islands and is also a superb location for snorkelling and swimming. 
Why should you watch the sunset from here? When you’ve spent most of the day sunbathing at Chaloklum Bay and have realized that seeing the sunset isn’t possible from where you are now, Koh Ma is possibly the closest beach where it is. The soft sand, fresh cold coconut and a perfect Instagram backdrop. If you’re already on Koh Ma Beach and want to have an elevated view of the sunset then check out our next recommendation. 

Mae Haad Beach

360 Rooftop Bar

Where is it? Just above Koh Ma Beach, if you look up towards the mountains you’ll see this massive mansion-like structure. A 5-minute drive from Koh Ma Beach, go towards Utopia Resort and turn left at the sign. The road isn’t as steep as the others mentioned earlier and is fully paved. 
Why should you watch the sunset from here? One of the most spectacular viewpoints on Koh Phangan. They always have great tunes playing and a fun crowd to mingle with, the vibe here feels like you’ve stumbled upon a secret house party (which is a good thing) and if we’re not driving, we enjoy an ice-cold Leo here. 

360 Rooftop Bar

Phangan Cove

Where is it? A beautiful place next to Sri Thanu pier makes Phangan Cove a great place for sunset.
Why should you watch the sunset from here? The pier and bay itself are beautiful, the sea is usually flat and there are no hills around, it’s a plain so you can see a lot of it. When the light hits the water the reflection is very big and surreal, it has the look of a painting.

Phangan Cove

Beck’s Resort

Where is it? Just after Thong Sala at the beginning of the coastal road, on the right before the first small hill.
Why should you watch the sunset from here? Great for sunset as you can see the neighbouring island in front and you have a stereotypical island swing hanging off of a lazy palm tree to chill on.

Beck's Resort

Tiki Beach

Where is it? Baan Tai, go down the dirt road on the right just after Phanganist Hostel if coming from Thong Sala.
Why should you watch the sunset from here? A very quiet place if you sit on the beach outside the resort. It is also dog friendly as there is a pack of dogs that live there but they’re chilled. The friendly staff at the bar if you want to get a drink as well.

Tiki Beach

Kupu Kupu

Where is it? On the coastal road on the west pretty much opposite Amsterdam Bar but the other side of the road by the beach.
Why should you watch the sunset from here? Probably one of the best places to enjoy the sunset and they have happy hours from 4 - 6 pm. For many locals that don’t normally get to enjoy such a luxurious setting or if you’re usually on a budget, the two for one offer makes it a worthwhile investment for sunset.

Kupu Kupu

On the road to Secret Beach

Where is it? Just before you go down the hill to Secret Beach there is a place to stop on the left side but it is narrow so be careful to bike the bike well.
Why should you watch the sunset from here? You can see a mile or two in front of you and you are very high up, it’s a peak in the hill. An amazing view of the sunset.

Koh Phangan Sunset


Wherever you choose to spend your sunsets on Koh Phangan, as long as you’re somewhere on the West Coast you’ll be set and bound for a good time. The beautiful aspect of Koh Phangan is the general vibe between people from across the globe. The island has some magical essence that creates friendly chatter, storytelling situations & all-around good vibes that can’t be replicated anywhere else.