Ban Sabaii


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Ban Sabaii Koh Phangan

Ban Sabaii beach after-party is 1 of the most well-known phenomenon among Phanganists and visitors!

After every mayor Moon party the Ban Sabaii after-party kicks off.

Ban Sabaii will be starting in the mornings either right after a Moon party or by sunset the following day.

The beautiful location on Baan Tai beach surrounded by palms, sun, sand and water offer you one of the better options for your After-MoonParty sunsets! 

This Trance party will bring you to an even further conclusion of your party night and is recommended as a sweet come-down from the big party the night before.

Ban Sabaii koh Phangan

In a Super friendly and chilled atmosphere among Happy Hippes dancing around on the beach or at the dance floor, swimming in the ocean while enjoying the beats or maybe sitting by the bar watching the Beach party.

Lots of UV deco and string work on the dance floor on a very natural beach with only hammocks under the palms.

If that isn’t enough for you they also manage special events from time to time such as Acid Moon or Progressive Nights.


Recorded live at Baan Sabaii




Ban Sabaii's DJ Guest book



Jo Moontribe shivamoon resident Dj
Jo Moontribe - Resident

DJ apnea on blackmoon culture party

Dj Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor

DJ PHB on Koh Phangan




Ban Sabaii photo galleries



Jan 31


Feb 11

ban sabaii-party-ban-tai-beach-koh-phangan-12-25-12

Dec 25


Baan Sabaii april 2012 Koh Phangan
 April 11

Baan sabaii April 7
April 7- by Serge Tissei

The Experience after party at Baan sabaii
The Experience after party




Ban Sabaii Vid







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Fire dance at Ban Sabaii
Fire dancer





Ban Sabaii located on the beach in Baan Tai about 5 minutes walk from Baan Tai Seven Eleven towards Thong Sala


Ban Sabaii location map: