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Tommy Beach Club


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Tommy Resort boasts TWO seperate sound stages on the beach.
One for "all things house" and one for psy trance. You can find it easily as it is located between Sunrise and Mellow Mountain.
There are  FOUR firewalls every Full Moon and a big club lighting rig (with an amazing laser from October!!) and the best music of course.

The house stage has two Thai residents, DJ Mackie and DJ Ton who get the party started from 9 until 3 with all the fave tunes everyone wants to hear and  then from 3 until 8, Graham Gold  & Darragh Casey play fresh, new big room, tech and progressive house for the more discerning clubber and IT ROCKS!!

The psy stage features everyhting you would expect with flourescent lighting and decor. Both stages have international guests from time to time.

The friendly bar staff only sell REAL Smirnoff, and it even has it's own security team to ensure you party in a safe enviroment!!

Recorded live at Tommy



Tommy DJs Guest book - House Stage



Dj Graham Gold
Graham Gold - Resident

DJ darragh Casey
Darragh Casey - Resident




Tommy DJs Guest book - Trance Stage



DJ apnea on blackmoon culture party
DJ Apnea




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