Pirates Bar

12 Feb 2021

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Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum!

This Pirates Hangout in Sri thanu is the perfect place and space for Rum Drinking and Loud Laughings!

The Pirates Bar is stranded on the beach. At least that’s what it looks like 

The front of the boat – which I believe a Pirate would call the StarBoard? – is a sweet Chill-out overlooking the Sea it just came from ;)
A real Pirates Bar in the bottom of the Ship which serves you everything a Pirate could ever want!

The Beach next to the strandend Ship makes it out for a very nice but not too big dancefloor.
With no more than 20 meters to the waterline - the sunset there on sealevel - makes a beautiful background for the chill-out and dancefloor!

The DJ is on Deck .. or Decks if you will ;) – raised above the dancefloor behind UV decorations and freaky Stringworks!


The Pirates Bar Video

The Captains of the Pirate Ship has made a real Playground for their DJ Mates!
Any style of Electronic music has been played there.
Electro, Techno, Progressive, Psy and Dark Psy ... the Pirates choose from Mood to Moods ;)

Pirates Bar is a small .. but not too small .. local Bar and Hangout who made parties for many years on the Island.

They make MoonSet Parties which is 3 days before the Full Moon Party and 2 days after.
Moonset party for the Pre and after Pirates !!
Then we have Pirates Nights there also! This is the nights and playground for the all Pirates out of Full Moon ;)

Always quite full and with lots of Fireshow. Either its FireDancers or just Fire burning Deco!

Come to enjoy the MoonSet and the Pirates Nights with the resident Island Pirates !!

Party starts at sunset, at 6m and it's a the free entry before 9pm.