Full Moon Party

The Full Moon party is what makes Koh Phangan unique in all of Asia and all around the world.

The status of Koh Phangan now, all of the development, the art we have here, the spiritual activities and most of the expats who now live and sustain a living here would not be able to do this without the Full Moon project that has run for about thirty years.

Over the years this festival has become famous worldwide and it brings with it new opportunities and more responsibility but we should not forget that all of the island’s growth would not of been able to happen without the Full Moon party.

This amazing project gathers young people, still innocent souls, from all around the world, mostly for the first and maybe the only time, to celebrate with each other like only young people can. 

The Famous Full Moon party happens in every Full Moon on Haad Rin Beach. 

The Bounty like paradise beach turns for 1 night into an inferno of music, people, UV paint, buckets bars, fire dancers, jugglers, dancers and every tourist available on the island!

From one end to the other of the long beach, DJs are banging music out of big speakers and out on the beach.

For every bar a different style!

Happy people painted in screaming UV colors dancing to the beats of Paradise while drinking from buckets and howling at the Moon.

Bars and restaurants all over are all happy to invite you in for a table if you are not dancing at the beach!

Come visit Phangan on Full Moon! Take a trip if you are anyway around on Full Moon time. Stay with us for a week, get around and see the beauties of the island, party every day, take a week of to relax and chill out with the Phangan crew afterwards. There is Full Moon week and then there is the Phangan weeks. Do your self a favor and come over! 

This its the real Full Moon where all the Magic comes true!

An experience you cannot miss if you are on Phangan!

Fullmoon party dates

The people of Koh Phangan are still happy and support the Full Moon party, Manop says it will never be 100% but most of the Thai people like to be here and they are so proud and happy that the island has become a famous place in the world.

‘The location of Koh Phangan is number one, we are 80 km from the mainland and we are so far from the big mountains of mainland with no dust in rainy season we do not get so dirty, not so muddy, and people grow up with the sea, fish, nature and environment’.

Please continue to enjoy the Full Moon Party by also taking care of the beautiful island of Koh Phangan.

If you do not live in Haad Rin, every taxi on the island will take you there for the right price and return you safely when time comes!

Please leave your rented scooter back in your resort or house when you go for Full Moon party!

There is sleep-over options, in areas made for this purpose especially on the beach,  which is very recommendable!

Go and have fun at the famous fullmoon party on Koh Phangan! Once every month for a week with different pre parties and warm ups!

Stay a little longer and have a chance to check out the beauty of Phangan! Welcome to stay with Phanganist any day!!