How to have the Best Experience at Koh Phangan’s Full Moon Party

26 Aug 2018

Koh Phangan is most famous for its Full Moon Party which began its humble beginnings over thirty years ago!

The party grew over the years and now attracts around thirty thousand people to the island every month to party together like only young people can.

It’s no joke that it is seriously busy but incredibly fun, with this in mind you want to prepare yourselves so you have the best time and don’t lose anyone or anything, get too drunk or lost and then have a bad time. We want you to have the best time!!

We have told you our key guidelines before but we are going to tell you again, so take them on board as this can really help!

Wear Shoes
As the night goes on, broken glass and other debris litter the beach which could hurt your feet! Our number one tip to survive the full moon party, wear shoes!

Take a Taxi
Find out at your hostel about taxi services or head down to a warm-up event and link in with a group to share a taxi to the event with - this will be the cheapest and most fun way to get there not to mention also the safest!

Take the cash you need for the night
Before you go think about how much cash you’ll need for the event: entrance fee, taxi fare (there and back!), buckets, neon paint. Tot it all up and bring that much with you but do allow a little for emergencies, put it in a secret place like your underwear just in case!
Leave your passport, credit card and any valuables at home as you could lose them.
Most people will bring their phone with them but keep this safe, check it’s in a secure pocket or bag so you don’t have to worry!

Find a meetup point
Try to do this early on, it could be a bar or recognisable place like the big burning sign saying ‘full moon party’. Find a spot where you can arrange to meet your friends if you get separated or at a certain time of the night/morning if you want to go off for a boogie on your own!

Drink loads of water  
Save yourself a hangover! Drink lots and lots of water through the night. The climate is warm and the infamous full moon buckets contain a mammoth amount of alcohol. This combo could have you feeling worse for wear the next day….unless, you strategically drink water regularly throughout night. Or even just a big amount before you (eventually) go to sleep!

Preparing yourself with these points will ensure that you have a great experience. With so many people around, partying and drinking, we hear many stories of lost passports and wallets, injuries, accidents, dehydration and the rest so don’t let a little bit of preparing put you out. Take the time to do some small things and you will have a night to remember.

Take care of other people whilst you are there, this could be other people from your hostel or strangers you may meet whilst there, treat people how you would wish to be treated.

The Full Moon Party is a gift from Koh Phangan, a place where you can meet young happy people from all across the globe under the stars and shining moon and dance and party like you may never do again.

Make some good memories that will stay with you forever.