Christmas & New Year week on Phangan

12 Feb 2021

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Happy Holidays everyone! Xmas celebrations and Happy New year celebrations this week!

Thailand is a mostly Buddhist Country with only a minority percentage of people being Christian and so Christmas is not an officially celebrated holiday here. However as we all know, you don’t have to be strictly religious to celebrate and enjoy Christmas, a lot of us from Europe and the States will have just grown up with it as being a holiday, family occasion with celebrations and gift exchanging, food, drinks and merriment!

If you find yourself on Koh Phangan at Christmas time you will probably find yourself in either two categories; you have come to escape Christmas anyway so you don’t care or you are feeling a little nostalgic, homesick or just really Love Christmas and would like to do something!

- and What to do this week? Phanganist have a few suggestions for you!

Of course beside of the Xmas celebration parties we have the New Year is coming, get prepared!! Try our New Year Special !! 

Have a look at our weekly guide here below, day by day recommended parties and events on all of Koh Phangan!

Next week is December 25 to December 31 with Halfmoon Festival,  Shiva moon, Jungle Experience and Waterfall party!

Infinity Beach club with special Happy Hour every day from 6pm to 9pm!

Monday December 25
Xmas morning for some of those who celebrate this! Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays to all!

What to do with the Xmas day? Why not spend it in a real tropical xmas style? Where else in the world can you be sundazing, swimming, waterpark(ing) at xmas time? So grab your chance to enhance your Christmas experience and spend the day at SlipNFly Dayparty!  Keep an eye on their opening dates for a full festival!!


Christmas Roast dinner time!! Where to go?

Well, a good choice is the Holy Grill Xmas dinner starting from 5pm! 

Sunset Hill presents  their Pool Party with YUM SAUCE LOUNGE! 

You are always welcome to spend the day chilling by the pool at Phangansit hostel enjoying a relaxed Xmas atmosphere while maybe arranging for your New year Party on Phangan! Let us help you easy!

PARTY TIME; Christmas parties all over Koh Phangan in the night!

Pink Panthers Sexy Xmas party in Tong Sala for those who maybe seek a partner for the sometimes lonely night far from home!

Drop in Bar in Haad Rin, with a free drink for all Phanganist - also hosts a Xmas party all night long!

Halfmoon Festival all night long, tech house and trance in the coolest party spot in the jungle! 

Tuesday December 26
Check out Koh Phangan today! Rent a car and take an island roundabout while resting though still exloring! 

Fill in your WISHLIST for the day and we will grant your wishes! Everything to do on Phangan including a WISHLIST for you! Arrange for the next days, plan your Island hopping adventure!

New year and Fullmoon is on 31st, prepare for your new year with a New year Special Package or try our Phanganist Fullmoon Package. Both will ensure your crazy party days into the new year through the Fullmoon!!! Drop in Bar on Haad rin Beach, offers a VIP Fullmoon with VIP Lounge at Drop in on the beach for those who feel to make a special evening!!

If you are in the mood for something more adventurous, come with us on a boat trip to Angthong Marine park!

A splendid boat tour around 42 tropical islands. Kayakking , snorkeling, swim in the Emerald Lake, hike on Moneky Island to the viewpoints. You have the option to spend the night on one of the islands in a tent or one out of the six bungalows available there. Pick up next day at 3pm!

Wednesday December 27
Rest with a Spa day or trying out a massage around your place!

Maybe it is sunny and hot and you rather spend the day on the beach with a unique beach adventure. It can be a real Discover Phangan day! Take a small roundabout Phangan beaches and swimming spots. From Chaloklum to Haad rin and maybe even Tong Nai Pan & Tan Sadet and if you are on boat also Bottle Beach!

Later the SHIVA moon trance party is open for you all night long. Sweet location in the Jungle with some of the islands best trance DJs!

Thursday December 28
If you are not already staying with us, then come over for a Phanganist Special Package and relax by the pool  and bar at Phanganist HQ! 

These days have good wind. Why not try out a Kite Surf course! Begin today!

Think about an 8 day fun trip Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, we arrange easy for you!

Annual fundraiser party for Phangan animal care for strays. 200 B Buffet by the Holy Grill - BBQ - Indian curries - pasta's - salads. half meat, half vegetarian. Raffle with many prizes, Live music. Flea market.

Join the Ecstatic Dance at Pyramid Yoga at Sunset; Living fully, happy and enjoying every second of your life its the best Tantra somebody can learn. From a sutra from Vijnana Bhairava Tantra authentic teachings we've learned that it's very easy to have high spiritual states through dance!

In the evening you could try the local Mookratha BBQ or the food market in Thong Sala.

Friday December 29
It can be a great day to check out Koh Phangan. What is here? 
If you feel to be more on land , you can have an authentic local experience with a tour around Phangan. Discover aspects of the local island lifestyle by participating in our workshop, visit the best sites of Phangan island and learn about history and traditions.. A tour like no other!

Try out the islands most popular offers, combine Sport and Spirituality with both Yoga and Muay Thai Boxing. Try out a Yoga class  or a Muay Thai Class without committing! - or go full in for the Muay Thai Experience with a full package or check in with AGAMA yoga for a full beginner course!

Help with the beach clean every Friday!! 

Check Baan Tai for sunset and the Infinity Beach Club! Go swim in their beautiful pool with a refreshing drink, their Sushi Heaven begins at 7pm with, some of the best sushi on the island!! 

If you are in the mood for something more healthy check out AGAMA's Friday event; Experience a very special meditation focused on giving and receiving love. Every Friday, 20:30-22:00 @ Shakti Hall, Agama Yoga campus Srithanu. 

Finally you can end the Koh Phangan roundabout day in Spend the night at the amazing Jungle Experience Party! Creatures of the night in wild creations with tech electro tunes vibrating through the Jungle leaves! A party not to be missed for all its grand views and concepts!!

Saturday December 30
Take a day around Phangan and see their temples! Scary exibition not to be missed at the Wat Samai Khongka and the big Chinese Bell that brings you luck for the next year in the Chinese Temple on the way to Chaloklam. 
Or embrace an all around the island tour! 

Today can also be a water day if you want a bit of action!  What about diving? Never tried it? 
Well start slowly and safely with us!
Certified diver already, well then come with us HERE instead.
Maybe you are a group of divers? Then join us for a fun dive trip or check out our Aqua Package!
Our group offers are some of the best and we love to take your crew on a group package dive roundabout!

Before the party tonight, check out Thong Sala Walking Street market from 4pm to 9pm.

Waterfall party is on tonight! In the beautiful Sramanora waterfall surroundings with pools on the top and dancefloor at the bottom! 

If you like we can take you on a Waterfall roundabout to all the waterfalls on the island before you have to find your own way through the jungle in the night when  arriving at the Sramanora waterfall for the waterfall party. It can be a good idea to have seen it by daylight before ventouring into the Jungle track by night!

Here is a small taste of the Pang Waterfall for you; 


Sunday December 31
Wooo! New years day for some!! Haha ah lovely lazy Sundays on Koh Phangan, mind you it is kinda like Sunday every day here!

Begin the day with an amazing powerful and fun ECSTATIC DANCE! Every Sunday Morning doors open at 10:30AM, Opening Circle starts at 11AM @ Pyramid Yoga Center. Feel free, be free, dance away!

Koh Phangan is booming of parties all night long everywhere! The most famous is of course the combined Full Moon and New Years celebration on Haad Rin Beach! Drop in Bar and Phanganist Hostel with special offers to our guests!

There are so many possibilities that instead of listing them here, have a look here for ALL THE PARTIES ON KOH PHANGAN NEW YEARS EVE!!

For a more grown up New Years Eve, the "adults" of Sunset Hill Resort are throwing a classic pool party simiular to their Xmas party. Have a look at their event and xmas video on their wall!

Next week is another Full On Banging Party week with New Years afterparties!

Think about your weeks after this! Maybe after all this party madness, it can be good to spend some time in blissfull peace and take a 7 days retreat to mindfulness? Koh Phangan has some of the most beautiful retreats to offer! 

We hope you have a good week and vacation on Phangan! Welcome to contact us for further details anytime at our facebook page!

We help you with accommodation and tickets or tours around Phangan from Local Authentic adventures to Kite surfing course or boat tours and if you like, you can choose a tour from Bangkok and back. 

Welcome to contact us for any enquiries or bookings!

Are you still in Bangkok?
Thinking to come to Koh Phangan for Xmas and New year? 

Let us help you arrange the trip easy for you!

Start and stop in Bangkok offers;

New Year Special in Thailand tour

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