Beginners Dive Package

Scuba diving is often very tempting for most people but full of preconceived ideas, sometimes fears...

Koh Phangan is an ideal location to give it a first try for many reasons : warm water and often ideal sea conditions, Beautiful dive sites offering a variety of Corals, topography and Marine Life easily accessible to beginners, and thrilling as well for experienced divers. Chaloklum Pier, North of Koh Phangan is also the closest access to Sail Rock, the most famous dive site of the Gulf of Thailand.

Wether you want to have a first experience, fun dives, or start a course, the Gulf of Thailand has the advantage to offer accessible prices, compared to Egypt, Europe, South & North America, and most of the other dive destinations worldwide.

So if you thought of it, you have no excuse to skip it anymore ! We selected special offers with our reliable and professional partner to give you a beautiful underwater experience, while on Koh Phangan.

*Price in Thai Bahts.

*By Flyeast (Thailand).