Self Care whilst travelling on Koh Phangan and Thailand

12 Feb 2021

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You’re on the road, travelling, backpacking, flashpacking or visiting, whatever you want to call it, you are out of your normal comfort zone. This may mean that certain self care rituals or habits you usually have fall out of place a little so we are here to remind you of some easy things to do to ensure you are are your optimum for this amazing journey in Thailand!

Self care can mean many things, from standard hygiene to care of your mind and soul to your health and fitness. It is beneficial to give yourself some self care so that you feel your best during your adventure and in case you experience any negativity then you can deal with it in the correct mindful way…

Change the Conversation
Every backpacker knows about the mandatory ‘where have you been’ introductions and this information shared among travellers is very useful but remember to also talk about everything else as it can get tiring for you, and other people.

There is so much else to talk about with all these people from all over the world so keep conversations fun rather than a chore.

Don’t abandon your usual self care routines
Think about what you do at home, in your normal life, even during hectic schedules you still manage to make time to shower, clean your clothes, go to the gym, workout or read and meditate. You may not be able to do exactly the same routine whilst traveling but don’t forget these things all together as your body is used to them so make sure to find time, even if slightly shorter to give your body and mind small doses of what it is used to.

Meditating is very good for the mind and you can find apps to download on your phone to use whilst on the road. You could also keep a diary, or write up what you have done that day, getting thoughts out of your mind on to paper is always good for the soul.

In terms of physical self care remember to move around, of course it is tempting to lye on a beach all day but remember to go for a little walk or you could team up with friends to work out.

Eat Well and Drink Water!
It can be wonderful to try new restaurants of course Thailand is known for its delicious food but be balanced about what you eat...lots of it is fried or full of sugar so be mindful about trying to get in some nutrients, maybe even a shake with veg or fruit can help.

Drink plenty of water, more importantly if you are drinking and partying hard here on party island! Plus it is super hot so you get more dehydrated quicker, you will notice the benefits of drinking water 100%!

Indulge in some comfort
Even if you are on a tight budget you can still afford a little bit of everyday luxury, whether its some natural oils to help you sleep, a nice pillow or some soul food, remember to treat yourself once in a while. Remember that massages are very affordable here but extremely first rate!

Don’t worry about FOMO (Fear of missing out)
Do what you want to do and you are not obliged to go see and partake in every single little thing or activity. Also don’t feel guilty about doing absolutely nothing.

Being free to do what you please is one of the best parts about travel and making too many plans can cause unnecessary stress and pressure, which can really wear you down when you’re travelling.

Stay Longer
One of the best ways to care for yourself when travelling is to slow down. When you’re planning your itinerary leave space for some extra days, especially here as you never know when you’ll be sucked into a wonderful party!

You will want to fit in as much as possible but the longer you stay the more you get a feeling for a place. You are more likely to find hidden treasures and will be rested enough to enjoy the best of the island and your travel.

Enjoy the wonder and beauty of Koh Phangan, stay longer and take care of your body, mind and soul.