Best Pizzas on Koh Samui

7 Jul 2022

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Of course, Thai food is delicious, but you might not want to eat it all the time.
Maybe you're missing home comforts or just want to spoil yourself; after all, everybody loves pizza!
You can enjoy it at home with friends, in a lovely Italian restaurant with a glass of wine, or let it soak up all the bottles of Leo beer and shots of tequila you had earlier in the night at the bar.

Pizza Koh Samui

Brief History

For the first time, tomatoes were shipped from South America to Italy in 1522. To begin with, tomatoes were believed to be poisonous. Fortunately, in the 17th century, the area's poorer peasants gradually overcame their concerns about tomatoes and began incorporating them into bread dough, resulting in the first pizzas. The popularity of mozzarella cheese grew steadily as the tomato's popularity grew. Mozzarella became available in Italy only after water buffalo were imported from India in the 7th century (mozzarella was first made with water buffalo milk). Its popularity grew steadily until the second half of the 18th century, and cheese and tomatoes were not mixed on a pizza until 1889. An Italian tavern owner named Don Raffaele Esposito invented a pizza with mozzarella cheese and basil, ingredients bearing the colours of the Italian flag, in 1889. Margherita Pizza was named after Margherita Teresa Giovanni, Queen of Italy. As a result, modern tomato-and-cheese pizza was developed.

Pizza Koh Samui

So where to go for pizza on Koh Samui?



This location is a pleasure trip for the tongue, offering a variety of Italian classics. This location means that they have the highest quality ingredients, from burrata cheese on marinated tomatoes to imported Australian Angus beef. Their pizzas are cooked over a wood fire, giving them a rustic flavour. All of this food is available at affordable prices, resulting in a devoted following.


Dr Frogs

Even if it's just to sit here, the beautiful decor is enough to make you want to spend more. The pizza here comes in a wide range of flavours, beginning with the basic yet traditional tomato and cheese and moving to truffle oil and lobster variations. Their Capriccioso contains ham, mushroom, olives, salami, and mozzarella cheese, as well as their signature sauce. The base of their pizza is thin and crispy. When it comes to eating, the use of new, high-quality toppings provides an enjoyable experience.


Da Bardo

An accomplished Italian chef prepares dishes that transport you to Italy, both visually and gastronomically. It's easy to picture yourself sitting in an Italian Trattoria, savouring a delectable meal. When you buy food from here, you're having a taste of real Italy. The delicious Salami Picante is one of their best-selling products. It's basically a dish made up of mozzarella, tomatoes, and salami that tastes like a heavenly blend of the three. At the end of the day, using high-quality ingredients results in delicious food. If you're a vegetarian, there's a vegetarian and a four-cheese pizza to choose from. Go for a Calzone if you want to try something new. It's essentially a pizza with the filling inside that's been rolled into a semicircle. The Frutti di Mare ensures that seafood lovers will not be disappointed.


Casa Italia

This restaurant, which is located in Bophut, is known for its Italian comfort food. The amazing selection of gelatos and coffee outweigh the presence of pizza, but that doesn't mean the pizza isn't nice. Order a starter platter to kick off your meal. It comes with cold cuts and olives on a plate that is beautifully decorated, as well as bread. Their cheese and meat starter, which mixes toasts, various cheeses, olives, and Italian ham with cold cuts, is unquestionably filling. Try the salted butter caramel or cookies and cream gelatos, which are two of their most common flavours. Their seafood pizza and ham and cheese pizza are particularly noteworthy. 


Antica Locanda

The pizza at this location stands out due to the use of different toppings as well as a thin and crispy foundation. An Italian chef honours his homeland by inventing new ways to reinvent traditional dishes. For an authentic Italian dining experience, try their pizza, ravioli, and tiramisu.

Antica Locanda

Gusto Italiano

This restaurant, which is located in Bophut, has a unique selling point: it is right next to the beach. Here, you can savour authentic Italian cuisine while admiring the waves that surround you and mixing food with nature. If you love pizza and bruschetta, this is the place to go. The food is of excellent quality and includes frozen cuts, antipasto, salads, soups, and pasta. Pizza, of course, is an essential part of the diet. Try the Bufalina pizza, which features buffalo mozzarella for a delectable result. Another dish worth trying is the Quattro Formagi, which combines cheese and crust to create an unforgettable experience. Their salmon pizza is also worth mentioning. If you love spicy food, try the Vulcano, a dish that is so hot and fiery that only the brave can attempt it.


We're always open to new ideas for great pizza locations on Koh Samui, as we're sure we've missed some. Send them to us with a quick explanation of why they're great, and we'll keep this list updated!