Zones of Koh Phangan - Haad Rin 'Full Moon Party'

12 Feb 2021

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Koh Phangan is split into five zones which is very impressive for such a small island. We suggest you visit all of them as they are all absolutely beautiful with something to offer for everyone. As we have reported previously this island is not just a party island any more…..

Zone 2 (South East)


Zone 2 is home to the infamous Full Moon Party at Haad Rin Beach which is situated on the South East corner of the Island.

You can arrive by boat directly to Haad Rin pier from Koh Samui’s Buddha Beach on the Haad Rin Queen Boat or on a taxi if you arrive on the boat to Thong Sala.

The Full Moon Party is the main attraction here once a month where you will find over 10,000 people raving all night long and into the next day. The Drop In, Paradise bar and Cactus bar are all very popular for music fans of EDM but you will find Drum and Bass and even Reggae if you look hard enough.


However there are many bars and restaurants that are open every day all month long and if you are in Haad Rin when it is not the full moon then you will not struggle to find a party or bar to dance the night away at places such as Fubar which is off the beach but a great place to have a boogie to some fantastic DJs.

There are parties and bars up the coast outside Haad Rin Beach where you can catch a short long tail or speedboat too as some of these are not accessible by road. So Haad Rin is a great place to visit even when it is not full moon.

Haad Rin Beach is one of the most  beautiful beaches on the island and if you are there between full moons it is a perfect beach for sun-bathing and swimming and you will find it surprisingly quiet and peaceful.

Haad Rin is very good for clothes shopping and also tattooists and restaurants. Ladino is situated near chicken corner and is famous amongst locals and tourists alike, once you've been there once then you are certain to go there again!

On the hills to Haad Rin are some hidden gems of this beautiful coastline like Silvermoon Beach and Jungle Resort where you can relax in the beautiful surroundings, tucked away from the outside world.

Sample some amazing food at Chantarama's Moon Deck Restaurant, watch the sunset on the beach with your loved one whilst sipping on a refreshing cocktail.

After the hills at the entrance to Haad Rin, you cannot miss Buri Beach Resort, this is a great place to stay, tucked away in the quiet corner of the famous Full Moon beach.

Buri Beach Resort has two pools, a spa and a wonderful restaurant with views out onto the ocean. A perfect place to go experience the party, then escape back to paradise.

Zone Two of Koh Phangan is what has made the island so famous, the Full Moon Party. But this area has more to offer so go and check it out at other times as well!