Buri Beach Resort - The Peaceful Corner of Haad Rin

12 Feb 2021

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Buri Beach Resort is located at the entrance of Haad Rin, close enough to the Full Moon Party area yet far enough away to escape for some peace and quiet.

But for the rest of the month when the party is not happening Haad Rin beach is relaxing and beautiful so Buri Beach Resort is a wonderful place to stay and enjoy this.

We met owner Vannee Thaipanich for lunch and to find out about the thai style yet contemporary hotel.

Hello Vannee, how many years have you been running Buri Beach Resort?
Almost ten years now. At the beginning it was only a cottage and all of this space was garden, flowers and trees, as you know I like trees very much.

Then we had a few rooms but we were always full, we didn’t have to do any marketing.

At that time only we were the only ‘full accommodation’ in Haad Rin with hot water, air conditioning, a swimming pool and good service. The rest of the accommodation in Haad Rin was more simple, only here is full accommodation.

People would wonder why we had a swimming pool when we already have a huge big swimming pool - the ocean, people would question me but then they knew why when we were always full of people!

The purpose is because I want Koh Phangan to grow, ten years ago it was very quiet, it was only a time for fishermen and coconut farms and a little tourism.

I spread a lot of good things to the people of Koh Phangan, I bought land so they could build houses so Buri Beach was part of the start of tourism on Koh Phangan and it keeps going well every year.

How many rooms do you have?
One hundred and ten! It is one of the biggest resorts in Haad Rin.

We have different room styles, pool villas beside the pool, seaside rooms and cottages.

What is special about Buri Beach Resort?
I think we represent the Thai image here, a Thai style hotel that is also contemporary style in way of decoration.

This is what I intend to show, that nice bit of modern but bringing the Thai culture inside.

And you have a large restaurant here…
We have expanded the restaurant, added a bigger, modern kitchen where we follow the food and hygiene department to be very clean and use proper equipment. It is fully regulated to high standards.

The food consists of international, Thai and european food, there’s lots of choice from our very good chef.

You have a Spa also…

Yes, our spa was the first spa on Koh Phangan, it’s a health spa, we use herbal and when you have problems you can see the therapist and have special treatment.

It’s alternative medicine, we have an aromatherapist, use Thai herbal and have a steam sauna.

The Buri Beach Resort is very good of course for Full Moon but also for anyone at any time.

Vannee likes to invite everyone to come to Buri Beach which is the quiet, peaceful corner of Haad Rin.

The younger generation come for Full Moon but after three days they leave and then the families come.

Buri Beach Resort offers many facilities which we have covered but recently have had a yoga group coming, bringing students to learn yoga as they have the deck which is perfect for practising. There is also a big conference room which holds up to two hundred people.