Moon Deck Restaurant at Chantaramas

12 Feb 2021

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On a lovely Sunday afternoon Phanganist and Leo Beer went for dinner at Chantaramas which is located on a peaceful beach on the way to Haad Rin.

Chantaramas comes from the name of the founder of the hotel, it is the combination of Chantana (her name) and the Christmas which is her birthday and the day of the full moon.

They changed Chantana (which means lady) a little to combine with the ‘mas’ from the word Christmas.

The moon is used as inspiration as the decoration and furnishings reflect the moon in different parts of the hotel including the restaurant named Moon Deck Restaurant.

Moon Deck is located right on the beach, perfect for a evening meal where you can watch the moon itself.

Mr. Paitoon Boonsri is the resort Manager and administrator with a complete overview of the hotel.

He greets us with a Signature Cocktail ‘The Emerald of Phangan’. The hotel has recently won a number of competitions for the ultimate cocktail competing against several other hotels on the island for the Color Moon Festival last year.

"We want to create signature cocktails at the hotel to show the uniqueness and Identity of the island.

‘The Emerald of Phangan’ presents an image of the island.  A cocktail that feels refreshing and reflects the healthy lifestyle on the island of Koh Phangan.

Customers who have tasted this are tasting the most unexpected, our cocktails can be made with things like ginger and lemongrass.

The cocktail recipes are of course confidential but Mr Paitoon Boonsri hinted that there was a little ginger, lemon grass, lemon juice, apple and lemon flavored ice cream which is the highlight, floating in the middle of the glass known as the emerald island.

We like the idea of ​​using lemon grass as a straw lot, besides the chic look, the lemon grass also gives you its refreshing smell.

Especially when the ice melts, the sweetness of the ice cream makes this delicious cocktail soft on your palate even further.

We must say that our first cocktail made us excited to have dinner there!

Apart from the famous cocktails at a restaurant of Moon Deck you can also order custom cocktails too!

The barkeepers here are ready to mix the cocktail ingredients that you need, maybe you could invent your own signature cocktail!

Paitoon told us about the cocktails and meals here. All the ingredients and the recipes are selected carefully so as to make out a menu to suit everyone's taste as much as possible.

The menu here is divided into Western, Local Thai style and Thai Fusion such as ‘Spicy Salmon’ (Salmon Larb), this was the first dish served to us by Moon Deck Restaurant..

"We want to make people see that food can be mixed and weaved, for example doing Thai with Western dishes. And it does not need to always be spicy".

The well cooked salmon is deliciously fit with the sour Larb sauce. Plus the side vegetables and herbs are unlike a typical Larb.

They use crispy lemon grass leaves which is not just only for a beautiful decoration but it's also unexpectedly yummy. This dish represents the identity of Thai food that herbs play the important role but it is also palatable to foreigners.

"Our herbs are from our organic herb farm, we have our own organic vegetables and herbs that are used for activities such as our cooking classes for our guests to learn from harvest to cooking Thai food by themselves. It is noted that Thailand is the protagonist in herbal food and drinks here which you can find on the menu."

The next dish is sea bass topped with cream sauce which is a Thai Fusion cuisine. It is beautiful, decorative and colourful on the plate. Everything on the dish is eatable.

The next one is a very interesting and popular dish here, Chantaramas Pizza. Another magnificent encounter between West and East which are pizza and...Seafood Tom Yam!

"We make our own fresh Tom Yam paste, then fry it and put it on a pizza dough together with fresh squid and prawns. The lovely thing which completes the whole concept of this pizza is the fried egg yolk that we put on top of it.

It's a part of decoration to represent the moon but it also adds extra texture and taste on this Tom Yum Pizza ".

We agree with what Paitoon said, this pizza is a special dish, freshly made Tom Yam paste, sour, salty and spicy. If you like the soup then it you should not miss this dish. It is an excellent combination.

Having said that, all of the food and cocktails we sampled were amazing no less. Both the taste and decor is excellent.

But wait, the Moon Deck restaurant has a dessert menu and it's so very special that you should pay attention to when it when served on your table.

Don't look away even for one second! It's very special, we had a chocolate ball that's opened with warm chocolate milk.

When you pour the milk on the ball it melts away at the top to reveal its inside treats so you get a bit of theatre with the dish!

"We named one The Black Moon and try to find ways to make up our own. The desserts are unique to the island which is fun and exciting.

The diversity is amazing, a dish with chocolate, many fruits, vanilla ice cream, waffle and pouring chocolate".

After the meal the most special time, the one we all like the most is the sunset. This is one of the highlights of dining at Moon Deck.

It is one of the best spots to watch the sunset and is perfect for your romantic dinners, for couples who want to have dinner together on the sand by the sea with fine food and and an atmosphere which is super sweet.

Before we finish our special Leo Beer and Phanganist dinner we have the option to stay for a movie on the beach which is open for viewing every night after sunset.

There is nothing better than sitting on your reclining sunbed by the sea, listening to the waves, and then to watch a movie while sipping a cocktail.

Thank you Leo Beer for such a perfect Sunday evening.