Koh Phangan Zones - Thong Sala & Ban Tai 'Lifestyle Centre'

12 Feb 2021

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Koh Phangan is split into five zones which is very impressive for such a small island. We suggest you visit all of them as they are all absolutely beautiful with something to offer for everyone. As we have reported previously this island is not just a party island any more…..

Zone 1 (South)

Zone One, Thong Sala and Ban Tai is classed as the Lifestyle Centre. This will be because Thong Sala is classed as the 'capital' of Koh Phangan. Mostly because it holds the port and the main banks.

Thong Sala used to be a place you would just get a boat off or on to the island before jumping into a taxi to the full moon party or your resort, or in the older days it had the only ATM’s on the island!

This village port has grown into a thriving atmosphere full of wonderful ferrang and local bars and restaurants both day and night. The Pantip Market offers great food from hummus and falafel to fried chicken and authentic thai food.

There is also some superb home made ice cream here that you simply must try - most prices at this market can fit into any budget.

The shopping in Thong Sala has great stores for power cables, mobile phones and hairdressers and remember you can always try a little bargaining and negotiation before you buy anything.

There are a number of resorts and hotels here too and it is a place you can spend a whole day shopping before the bars come alive at night.

Soi Krung Thai street which you will find to the right of Bangkok Bank (the blue one) is a wonderful street for shops and also tattoists.

Southern Ink is located near the top and there are some great jewelry shops and small restaurants and bars, it's a bit of an 'arty' street.

At the bottom you will find the concept store Lilawadee which sells amazing clothes, accessories art and beautiful bike helmets which are sourced from the owners Marco and Muriel's own travels.

Santorini Restaurant is also located here, Chef and owner God has over twenty years experience behind him and the food is very high quality and delicious.

Every Saturday at the Chinese street in Thong Sala there is a market which turns the street into 'Walking Street'.

The market runs from 4pm to around 10pm with plenty of stalls selling affordable clothes, crafts, food and more!

Outside Thong Sala there is Baan Tai which is the long road leading from Thong Sala to the Famous Haad Rin Beach. Baan Tai has many hostels, hotels, bars and restaurants and is a great night out every night of the week and most bars offer specials on drink prices and food so check this out.

Ban Tai is now the main party area, hosting Jungle Experience, Waterfall Party, Half Moon and Loi Lay Floating Bar. It is a great place to be in the evening if you fancy a dance or a pub crawl.

Baan Tai also has a beautiful harbour so obviously this means lots of fresh seafood available and it also has a very quiet beach on a stretch where there are no hotels or resorts and it is blissfully peaceful and quiet.

You will find Fishermans Restaurant and also Infinity Beach Club in Ban Tai which can offer you some of the freshest fish on the island.

The main thing about this area is there are lots of shops and things to do but being nice and spread out, the main supermarkets are here which gives you plenty of options for shopping.

This Zone is really good for water sports like kite surfing and stand up paddle board, head to Ban Tai beach where you will find lots of instructors to help you learn the ways of the wind and seas!

So Zone One, the lifestyle centre is thriving, you can find relaxation, sports, parties, shopping and food all in this area, we hope you enjoy it!