The Man Who Can Fly!

12 Feb 2021

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Phanganist’s friend Adun is a man of many skills, one of them is that he can fly (with the help from a motor) but none the less, he’s a bit of a hero when it comes to sea related sports!

Adun is originally from the mainland, close to Bangkok, where his family still live.

He started coming to Koh Phangan seventeen years ago with friends and began with a Full Moon related business but now you can find him down on Ban Kai beach, teaching chilling and being an island dude.

We find out about his many talents...

What got you into water sports Adun?
I like extreme sports, it is something fun. You have the freedom in the sky and freedom in water. I took a course in Bangkok to learn the paramotor and now I have a school to teach others in Koh Phangan.

Already I had one student flying paramotor today!

Adun now explains all of the types of things he can do and teach for us...

It looks like a plane but it is different because we need only need wings and an engine and we don’t need not too much space for landing and takeoff.

It’s very easy to fly, carry and move and you can fly up to 3,4 or 5000 metres.

It takes about fifteen hours of lessons to learn, about the equipment and also the weather. It’s important to learn to fly in different weather.

You get freedom in the sky, you can fly everywhere. I made a world record for 1500 miles in twenty five days of flying from Ryong, going slowly and finishing in Narathiwat.

I fly to Thong Sala for shopping or to get coffee and even Samui to meet friends.

You go up the mountain and take off from there, there is no motor, you have wings and a harness, helmet, gloves etc.

Again this is fifteen hours of learning and paragliding is more with the nature. You can play with nature with no sound of an engine.

I have been paragliding and paramotoring for nine years now.

I like to feel the fresh air, the life in the air up there is very fresh. I go from Ban Tai mountain and land on the beach in Ban Kai.

I’ve been kitesurfing for three years now. We have the boat and harness and you play with the wind whilst riding on the water and stand up on the board.

It’s using wind power. Beginners have to learn the equipment, safety and weather conditions, then learn about the kite. How to use it safely, move the kite, start it and stop it, then try with the boat. You learn to stand up and then try with wind.

Taking people out on Plankton Trips
The plankton is very beautiful, green and blue lights from the plankton glow at night, it looks like fireworks.

On the trip we go out on the boat and we look at the plankton. It can be different as some places it happens and it depends on the moon, its light and the season. We are usually out for one hour..

My friends and I do this a lot when we are not flying or kiting as we enjoy to be with nature.

We go to islands and stay with nature, we can also take customers with the boat, four to six people on the boat to go around Koh Phangan.

Phangan has the coral and fish here, there’s everything in the sea.

I have just one kayak but people can rent it and it can fit two people on. From Ban Kai we go out around 5 or 600 metres, go to the reef and you can see the fish and coral which is nice and relaxing.

Sometimes we go out fishing, we catch some barracuda or snapper, bring it back and cook dinner.

It is good to catch your own food, in our fishing we are fair with the nature, we can catch just one fish, not too much which protects the nature.

Taxi Boat
Sometimes you may want to go quickly to Samui, or to a quiet beach round Phangan and the taxi boat will get you everywhere quick and it is nice if you don’t want to go by motorbike etc, you can go by boat!

With the taxi boat you can go to more quiet beaches that many people can’t go to by bike or car, you see a different part of the island.

Do you have a favourite activity?
I like them all the same, it depends on different times and weather but I have a great choice.

What do you do in your free time?
I meet friends, we take the boat and go somewhere quiet, a small beach or island to see the nature or for swimming, snorkelling and relaxing.

Where’s your favourite place here?
A nice quiet beautiful beach. I also like Thong Sala for many types of  food and the Saturday market is also nice.

Lastly Adun what is your life philosophy?
I teach, and when people can do it it makes them happy.

It’s a new thing for their life and it makes me happy to see other people happy.