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Sep 11 - Sep 17 on Koh Phangan

12 Sep

This week on Koh Phangan. 

Which parties are to come this week and what else could be fun to do. 

Monday 11/09
Monday is meant to check out Koh Phangan. What is here ? Discover Phangan day! Go snorkling and kayakking! Prepare yourself for a night at the SHIVA MOON party!

Tuesday 12/09 
Relax by the pool at Phanganist HQ or take a roundabout to all of Koh Phangan Beaches! By boat or by car, your choice!

Wednesday 13/09 
Fill in your WISHLIST for the day and we will grant your wishes! Everything to do on Phangan including a WISHLIST for you!
If you like we can take you on a waterfall roundabout and hike through the mountains and waterfalls. Walk up the waterfall and dip in the pools and take a massage shower on the way up!

Have a full fun day climbing waterfalls and hiking!

Thursday 14/09
Book at boat to Angthong Marine Park and go on an amazing boat roundabout 42 tropical islands snorkling, kayakking or hiking! If you like you are welcome to camp out one night here and get picked up the next day! 
The Half Moon Festival is tonight, so get home in time for a good dinner and a little rest!

Friday 15/09
Make a day out of it and rent a car and have a look around the island! Stop and have a try out a Muay Thai Class or maybe a Yoga class! Check the viewpoints of Phangan. Go to Koh Ma and Chaloklum and down to Tongsala. See Haad Rin and drive to Baan Tai for sunset! 
If you are in the mood for something healthy check out AGAMA's Friday event; ;Go to Koh Ma and Chaloklum and down to Tongsala. See Haad Rin and help with the Beach clean day and drive to Baan Tai for sunset and the Infinity Beach Club who  have their special Happy Hour from 6 - 9pm so go swim in their beautiful pool with a refreshing drink! If you are in the mood for something more healthy check out AGAMA's Friday event; Experience a very special meditation focused on giving and receiving love. Every Friday, 20:30-22:00 @ Shakti Hall, Agama Yoga campus Srithanu.

Saturday 16/09 
Today is a diving day! Never tried it? Well start slowly and safe with us!
Certified diver already, well then come with us HERE instead.  
From 5pm Tong Sala Saturday Marked begins and also every Saturday from 8.30pm to 10pm Join the Agama community for a beautiful evening of song.  Embody the spirit of devotion at Agama’s weekly bhajans.

Sunday 17/09 
Use the day to really discover Scuba Diving now when you went out yesterday also! Sign up here for a 3 dages fun diver package and you are on your way to a serious underwater life!
Enjoy the night at the Floating Boat party Loi Lay!!

Halfmoon Festival will be on Sep 14 2017. Get ready and book and buy your ticket here!

Blackmoon Culture comes up on the 20th Sep. Get ready and book your ticket here!

Infinity Beach Club is open every day and invite for happy hours between 6 and 9pm.

Enjoy September on Phangan and do not hesitate to let us know how we can help you!

And for any rainy day on Phangan we recommend THIS!!


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