What to do in Rain?

14 Jul 2017

What to do in Rain? …

Phanganist want to share with you some of our best ideas for keeping dry and still having a good time when it's raining!

A whole new world can open up to you... the world of Phangan Monsoon boredom
To get around you will probably find it better to rent a car than continue on the bike. Gives you a lot more freedom here in rain! Of course we have an exclusive deal for all Phanganist Readers here! 
You will try all the massage places and find your favorite in this period - which will be a huge advantage all next season – now you never have to go to 1 of the break a leg massages again – that you dreaded so much – because you stayed here while the rain and now you know better. You had the time to choose and select!
You have time to try out the famous and traditional Muay Thai Boxing. Sign up for one training and see if you like it! Just fill in the enquiry with only Muay Thai training if this is your wish. All packages are open to changes and ofcourse works with or without accommodation! 
Maybe it is time to relax and find yourself again after a long season of travelling and partying? We recommed a 7 day Retreat to calm down and find your breath again!
Did you ever go to the yoga class? Now it’s nice and chilly in the Salas and only few students in one class... super advantages both of them!! Sign up for a class here, just specify in the enquiry that you wish to sign up for just a yoga class!
You will visit the Farang restaurants much more and get to know your “home cooked” meals from place to place and your general fat layer will raise to a level where you stop being cold in the nights of the Monsoon. Everything has it’s ups and downs – and being warm in the night is for sure one of my ups!
We have our Moonlight Cinema!
Moonlight Cinema has been tastefully, lovingly created and thought out by its owners and brings all of the best elements of Koh Phangan into one space. They show movies Tuesday through to Sunday staring at 4pm in their comfortable theatre on Koh Phangan's largest HD screen.
Have you ever been to the waterfalls in the rain? On Phangan it is the only time they actually LOOK like real waterfalls  ...
What ever you came here to do will be much more available in the sense that you now have the time to do it. It can be difficult to get anything done while the sun is shining because of the other sunny temptations around you.
Many Phanganist's belong to the world family. They have all been dancing since they first put their dancing shoes on this ground. A little break before the high season to spare the blisters from the dance moves is more than welcome to this family also. – Anyway .. it will not stop the dancing completely – this family insist with all their might to dance and they WILL be honored. Just not as often as in the sunny season. So then you have the rain dancers... nothing less would do it !
What about the book you never read?
The view you never stayed long enough to enjoy on your balcony?
The thoughts you were suppose to think? – But never had the empty head to do so...
The meditations... have you done any while playing in the sun?
Didn’t you want to paint also?
I heard you said writing your travel log or the book you are about to publish? Join Phanganist writing team and get your stories published! Write your idea to Linda@phanganist.com
And there isn’t any better way of learning more and integrating into the local culture than learning the Thai Language!
You were making these nice clothes last year – did you have any time to do so this year?
Baking yummies in the heat sucks, but backing yummines in the rain Rocks!
What about the Thai cooking school you never got to cause you didn’t want to stay inside a kitchen all day in the sun and stew?
The Chai Ron you never had – because the Chai Yen was more appropriate in the heat – will now be tasted. And it is delicious. Did you check out the coffee shops here?
The herbal saunas is the Rain PRICE nice hot and warmish... after a cold trip on your bike or just chilly from your moistened house and bed and everything around – it's amazing to warm up in one of the Herbal saunas – fully warm up from the inside - to scrub your body with herbal soaps and body salts and just feel warm and cozy - and then - when you come out – instead of using the cold bucket shower - you just stand DIRECTLY in the RAIN instead. THIS is the real way to do sauna! You feel SO good after warm hot herbal treatments and full natural rain shower - and plzzzz ..  one time in and out is NOT enough. We recommend Anodash Sauna f.ex
If after all that you prefer to just stay at home than you can just do the regular things, like watch a movie or chat with friends.
 Enjoy the rain NOW and remember when the Suns comes out again – You will appreciate her so much more than you did before in your shadow seeking manners ;)
Kind Rainy Regards from Phanganist Team!!

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