Anodash Sauna


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A sweet  sauna in the middle of Baan Tai with beautiful lush little garden and swimmong pool right on the beach.
This nice spot is made for your absolute comfort,  harmonic and relaxing and the stuff will make you feel welcome from the moment you came inside.

The place seems to have a cooling effect on you the moment you enter.The entrance room is nearly only consisting of a beautiful fish pond with colourful Kois swimming around.
Two wooden doors behind the pond are your first stop.Here you can change into more suitable wear for your next hour of cold & hot pleasures!!

Before you start your treatment we recommend that you order a pot of the home made tea they serve, this will be brought to you at the natural pool after you first steam in the sauna.
The Pool is without chlorine and the coldest pool you will find ANYWHERE on Phangan.
Absolutely amazing!

Everything in the Oasis is made for you to feel unstressed, balanced, harmonic and comfortable.
The surroundings are beautiful and lush and everywhere are little spots for relaxing, meditating or just being.

Upstairs is the Massage.
When you have "steamed and cool pooled" a couple of times, your next stop should certainly be upstairs for a massage.

Again we recommend that you order one of the natural homemade beverages from the sweet owner before you begin your massage. This way you will have it ready waiting for you after the massage and you can relax your body and mind for a while before you make another roundabout steam & pooling.

Remember if you want an oil or Aloevera massage it is better to wait til you are fully done with sauna and pool since the oils works much better if they are allowed to stay on the skin for some hours before washing of !

They have a small counter from where they sell their product from tea"s to incense sticks and it is sure worth purchasing if you like clean natural products!!
This is an absolute amazing spot with the best feeling of tranquility!
It puts your mind at ease as soon as you enter!!


Steam Herbal Sauna

Oil Massage

Thai Massage

Aloe vera Massage




Thai Kitchen Fresh Fruit Juices and Herbal Local Tea


Opening Hours
every day from 12pm- 7pm

Loacated in Baan Tai - next to thr Divine Comedy Resort and the Famous Ban Sabaii afterparty Beach.
Always welcome to contact ANODASH at: 089 592 5031 or 077 238 341