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Car rent on Koh Phangan

Exclusive deal for readers for car renting on Koh Phangan.

The cars are fully insured with Viriyah Company Limited. It is the best insurance available in Thailand for car rental.

The customers will only have to pay up to THB 10'000 in case of any damage to car.


One of the main services offered is that the customer can choose between leaving his passport or THB 10'000 as a Deposit.

As the new rules by the military government ask tourists to always have their passport on themselves, there is a possibility to leave a Deposit of THB 10'000. (THB 10'000 equals the maximum liability for the customer in case of damage to the car).

There are also free child seats and of course all our assistance in case of any problem.

The rented car is Toyota Yaris automatic (Model 2014 / Dez. 14) as the goal is to offer affordable small car with full insurance, which fit the newly concrete roads around the island.


The Toyota Yaris is a perfect family car and there is a child seat available with it. 

There is a pick up and drop off all around the island.

Out of season there are special discounts and long term deals.

*By Flyeast (Thailand).

Special options

1,500 per day +400 B delivery
1-6 days
1,350 per day
7-13 days
2-3 weeks
1,200 per day
14+ days
30,000 for 30 days
30 days and more

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