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Dr Sam's Clinic in Haad Rin

22 Jun 2016

Dr Sam’s clinic on  Haad Rin road near the pier.


Phanganist spoke to Dr Sam at his clinic, he is a General Practitioner who helps both tourists’ and locals’ with their potential medical problems.


Dr Sam advises that the main patients he treats have injuries due to motorbike accidents which can involve broken legs, ankles and hands. He also treats food poisoning cases and can deal with any stitches needed at the clinic if you have a nasty cut from a fall.


The clinic has an emergency surgeon on hand for potential serious cases and can provide X-Rays if any patient has a possible broken bone.


He is mainly busy around the Full Moon period but is open 24 hours a day all year round. His clinic is partnered with Bangkok hospital and he can arrange transfer by boat to Koh Samui Bangkok Hospital if someone is involved in a serious accident and this is very easy to arrange because he is very close to the pier. Obviously this is a rare occurrence as Dr Sam can treat most injuries locally and a transfer to Koh Samui is only necessary if the accident is serious and the patient requires a stay in hospital.


Apart from dealing with falls and cuts he deals with food poisoning, skin allergies and fevers which are quite common and do not need a visit to the hospital and he can offer treatments and prescriptions, so there will be no need to visit the hospital on the island, and you can carry on enjoying your holiday in as much comfort as possible.


Dr Sam has been working on Koh Phangan for 13 years and is English speaking and can deal with insurance companies if needed so you don't have to worry about contacting your home Country on the phone whilst you are injured.


Before coming to Koh Phangan Dr sam worked in hospitals in Bangkok and has been a doctor for 30 years and can treat and identify injuries very quickly and accurately.


Dr Sam can take blood tests and provide results and advises there is Dengue fever during the rainy season which needs to be identified as soon as possible and the earlier this is found the easier to treat and the recovery time is quicker.

Dr Sam is available at the clinic or can visit your home, hotel or hostel and can be reached on  the clinic phone number 0813185085 or the mobile number 077375342.


The clinic's email address is doctor12345@ymail.com if you need advise on how to find the clinic and what to bring with you if you feel that treatment is required.


As Dr Sam told us to be safe, 'take care of yourself and while you are alive make sure you die as slowly as possible!!'.