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30 Aug 2022

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For the last several years, Thailand has been regarded as one of the finest places in Southeast Asia to retire, work, and reside, resulting in a large inflow of foreigners into the kingdom. Consequently, some foreigners have been lucky to find true love and marry in Thailand. The couples want to remain together in Thailand, and foreigners must get a Thai marriage visa.
A Thai marriage visa may be acquired if a foreigner marries a Thai citizen. It is on the same level as the Non-Immigrant Visa "B" or Non "B" visa for working. However, the Thai Marriage Visa is only for those with a Thai wife or spouse citizen.

This visa is classified as a Non-Immigrant Visa "O" or Non "O."

Several criteria must be fulfilled for the Thai citizen's spouse to get a Thai Marriage Visa.

Who is eligible?

Thai Marriage Visas may be acquired by individuals who have registered their marriage with a Thai citizen. The foreigner can apply for a Thai Marriage Visa or a Non-Immigrant “O” visa under the category of Thai Spouse once the marriage is registered in Thailand.
The procedure and criteria for obtaining this kind of visa are simple, but all of your papers must be verified and approved before you apply for a Thai Marriage Visa.
You should get legal help while applying for this visa to avoid headaches and time-consuming procedures.


Note: Registering your marriage with a Thai Citizen does not immediately give you a Thai Marriage Visa; you must apply for one at the Immigration Office and provide the necessary papers.


The process

The Thai Marriage Visa application procedure is simple.
Once you have settled your marriage registration with a Thai citizen, you can apply for this visa.
You may continue with the Thai Marriage Visa Application once the District Office has provided you with the Marriage Certificate.
Before applying for a Marriage Visa, you must have a significant number of days remaining on your current visa; we recommend at least 15 days.
Remember that after you have all the necessary papers, you may change your visa to a Thai Marriage Visa.
After you've obtained the Marriage Registration Documents and your existing visa is still valid, keep in mind that you'll need to deposit 400,000THB in a Thai bank account at least two months before you apply for a Thai Marriage Visa.
You may instead provide proof of a monthly income of more than 40,000THB. Several Thai embassies are no longer issuing this letter for 2021. In this instance, you must provide evidence of tax payment in Thailand, which we refer to as PND.1 and PND91.
The method is simple; following the visa criteria and procedures will be a simple process.
The first visa granted to you will be valid for three months, after which you may renew it for a 1-year extension annually as long as you meet the Thai Marriage Visa criteria.


Although the procedure for obtaining a Thai Marriage Visa is relatively simple, you must verify that all of your papers are secure and that you meet the Immigration Office's qualifications.

The following are the fundamental criteria you must meet to apply for a Thai Marriage Visa:

Passport (must be valid for at least six months and must have two blank pages)
Thai marriage certificate;
Thai wife/Husband identification card
Tabian Baan (House Registration Papers)
Map showing your location in Thailand
Pictures together (House, Inside of the House, Family Picture, Outside of the House)
Copy of your bank book showing 400,000 THB deposited at least three months before visa application or copy of your income showing 40,000 THB each month in income.
Bank Statement and Bank Guarantee

Marriage with a Thai citizen isn't a guarantee that you'll obtain a Thai marriage visa; it all depends on the papers you provide, as mentioned above.

Furthermore, No. 6 (pictures around the house) is only relevant to foreigners married to a Thai woman.

Please be aware that in the year 2021, the Immigration Office will do a random inspection of your home and may conduct an interview with your neighbour to ensure that your marriage is genuine.

Thai Marriage Visa

Validity of stay

If you marry a Thai while in Thailand or abroad, you are eligible for a One-Year Marriage Visa, often known as a "Non-Immigrant O."
This visa is only valid for one year and must be renewed yearly.
The first validity of stay you will get following your first Thai Marriage Visa application will be three months, but you may extend it for another year before it expires.
Thai marriage visas are renewed every year; however, remember that you don't need to leave Thailand to renew your Thai marriage visa.
The visa may be renewed inside the nation if you satisfy the Thai Embassy's criteria.
Keep in mind that if you want to renew your application, you'll still have to submit the papers and satisfy the eligibility requirements set out by the Immigration Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand.
We strongly suggest you obtain the 400,000 THB in your bank account 2-3 months before your Thai Marriage Visa extension to demonstrate that you can still support yourself and your spouse.


90 Day Reporting

Every 90 days, holders of all non-immigrant visas in Thailand, the Non-Immigrant B Visa, Retirement Visa, Marriage Visa, and so on, must declare their current residence to a Thai immigration office.

This may be accomplished in three ways:
At a Thai immigration office in person.
via e-mail
via an agent who has Power of Attorney.

You do not need to report your status if you are not in Thailand on the day your 90-day reporting is due; your 90-day reporting will begin anew on the date you re-enter Thailand.


Re-entry permit

If you want to leave and return to Thailand while on a Non-Immigrant O Marriage Visa, you must first get a re-entry permit to avoid losing your visa.
A re-entry permit may be obtained at a Thai Immigration Office or an International Airport in Thailand. A single re-entry permit costs 1,000 Baht, while a multiple re-entry permit costs 3,800 Baht.
If you're reentering Thailand, note your re-entry permit number on your immigration arrival form so that your visa may be reactivated.


Your Non-Immigrant O Marriage Visa will become illegal if you divorce, and you will be forced to leave Thailand immediately.
You may be permitted to stay in Thailand until your Thai Marriage Visa expires in certain circumstances, but you must first check and verify with a Thai Immigration Office.



A Thai Non-Immigrant O Marriage Visa is highly appealing to prospective employers since it streamlines the hiring procedure by requiring the business to apply for a work permit. It is illegal to work just on a marriage visa without a work permit and company.


Final Notes

When a foreign wife of a Thai husband files for a stay extension based on marriage, she does not need to demonstrate a monthly income, but the Thai husband must provide evidence of having paid Thai income tax. A marriage visa gives the bearer various advantages, including a full year of permission to remain, numerous entrances into the nation during that time, and yearly renewals without leaving the country. Possibility of obtaining a work permit and
opening a savings account with a Thai bank is possible.

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