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Sound Focus - An Interview with DJ Acrobat

18 Oct 2012

DJ Jonny Acrobat
DJ Acrobat
was born in Siberia many years ago. He grew up playing with bears and drinking vodka... 

Shortly, my story started in childhood when I have been doing sport acrobatics, which helped me when I started to become a B-boy. I was touring Russia for many years performing breakdancing, battling in competitions and giving master classes. However, for me it was not enough just to dance. I always want to share musical emotions with everybody on this planet – every DJ knows what I am talking about.

One day I decided to leave dancing behind and devoted my life to Music and the DJ profession, bringing my own sense of rhythm, funk feelings and harmony of melodies.

What is your Koh Phangan story?

After finishing all my nightclub, radio & Music projects in Russia I went traveling for a couple of months, playing in Thailand and Malaysia at different parties with friends. Actually, Koh Phangan was the main purpose of my trip. I knew about the fantastic parties in the jungle but I did not expect that it would be so familiar. I felt so much home here and wanted to stay here permanently. Phangan - a place of positive energy and the best place for creativity. I always try to move forward and progress within my profession and this wonderful island is a new level of living, feeling & playing for me; True nature, beautiful sky and interesting people. 

DJ JOnny Acrobat at the Full Moon party at Hansa Beach

About your night club life in Russia?

I was resident in different clubs, touring and spinning in Moscow, Siberia and in many other places of my big country. Also I used to have different project on radiostation. Working on radio was something like a strong drug for me - to play music that magically flies to thousands of listeners. I was playing with special dj guests, mixing live on air and discussing interesting topics about nightclub life. And always after evening broadcasting I used to go spin at night clubs till sunrise.

It is impossible and unnecessary to list all the places, parties and events now where I played. In Russia there are many great clubs and parties, most of which are in Moscow. Every weekend you can find sounds and atmosphere you need - world famous dj stars or special artists of underground sounds, and, of course, many legendary and talented Russian DJs and producers. 

DJ Jonny ACrobat at Loi Lay party Baan Tai Koh Phangan

You play both deep and tech house, which style is your favourite one?

The division of the genres is quite arbitrary, especially these days. Now days producers can make the techno rhythm, disco melody and deep bass very easily. Deep, tech, techno? I specifically do not limit myself by playing one genre, so it remains interesting.

My favorite music is the one that causes emotion, like an adventure on an emotional level. During my performances, my focus is always on the Music itself, not on me as a person. As for listening it requires an open heart, mind, and often some patience. The universal language of Music can magically unite people of all nationalities, languages​​ and religions.

You can always find, listen and download my mixes on my site. I share my monthly promo sets, live recordings & special selections ->

DJ Jonny ACrobat

What makes a great party successful in your opinion?

In an atmosphere created from a large number of different components the main one is, of course, the Music. For me the number of people and how fun is does not mean it was the coolest party. People need to be interested in the Music first. For me a success means the DJ who plays his favorite tunes and an audience who are open minded to new sounds and styles. Other important aspects are having friendly staff, charming and professional bartenders, interesting performances, comfortable atmosphere and so on. Do it from your heart & trust yourself.

DJ Jonny Acrobat

What does Acrobat mean to you?

I was devoted to this sport my entire childhood and decided to continue my business under the Acrobat name. It is an excellent association - the strength, skill and agility of an acrobat - the ability to surprise and amaze people with his art. Both acrobatics and mixing can be about accuracy, acting, willpower and the triumph of force. 

What is your favourite place or beach on Koh Phangan and why?
My favorite beach is certainly Than Sadet – beautiful & magical - I often go there to swim, listen to music and sometimes stay for the night. The island has a huge number of beautiful places to rest - everyone can choose what they like – sunrise at Haad Yuan and Haad Tian or sunset at Haad Salad. You can also always set out on your bike and go to some unfamiliar road and find beautiful beach, secret viewpoint or simple cafe with exellent food. You can practice yoga and meditation, listen to music or go swimming, meet new friends at the food market or go to a dance party. Feel the freedom and follow your wishes.

Which parties on Koh Phangan have you played at?

I used to play at Loi Lay The Floating Bar – the best sunday dance event, where you can always find the latest house grooves, Secret Garden – friendly atmosphere place, every thurthday in the heart of Haadrin, Air Lounge – beautiful place on Baan Tai hills, legendary Sramanora Waterfall – Blue & Green, Pirates Bar Moonset party & BackYard FullMoon afteparty. I really enjoyed spinning at the biggest high energy Jungle Experience party. Two new points on the island nightlife map - Merkaba – fresh & big project near Haadrin Hills with professional team & wide dancefloor and Oasis Aqua Bar – sweet bar with sweet location in Tong Sala. And, of course, every Saturday you can find me playing at The Place Bar.

I think that the most important events are still to come. I am open to any kind of cooperation and new projects, not only on Koh Phangan but all over the world.

Now you promote Saturday parties at The Place Bar. Tell us some words about this project…

       The Place Bar is sweet & cozy bar, located in Baan Khai Village at the beach side – in the middle of south part of the island. Every Saturday we make special lineups with island resident and international guest djs - exclusive deep & tech house sets from 9pm till to 2am. Welcome Friends, to Dance, listen Music, meet Friends, enjoy cocktails & feel the groove of amazing sound system.

What is your wish to everyone who visits the island?

Free your mind & be ready for new emotions.
Have a nice trip on this magic island.

DJ Acrobat

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