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How to get to Koh Phangan from Koh Lanta

4 Dec

If you are travelling in Thailand from South to North one of the first stops is probably Koh Lanta, a beautiful island on the west coast. It is known to be a paradise for hippies, party people and artists.

The entire Klong Khong Beach is lined with Hippie Bars, that create a warm atmosphere with colourful lights and chilled music at nighttime. During the day you can do a roundtrip over the island with a scooter and visit the national park or some lovely beaches. Not being infected by the hippie vibes, three days are enough to see the highlights of the island.

So if you want to travel further, Koh Phangan is one of the best options! First of all booking, a ticket to the island is super easy. Your hostel/guesthouse will do it for you, so you don't have to worry about anything. (You can book it online of course, but it's the same price.) The ticket costs approximately 750 Baht and covers bus and boat plus the pickup from your accommodation. Be ready to start between 7 or 8 am in Koh Lanta and arrive at Koh Phangan in the early evening. You´ll have to switch buses twice. The first time in Krabi and then again in Surat Thani. Probably it takes some time until the next bus arrives, but don't worry they provide food and drinks and there also a lot of other backpackers. So use the opportunity to get to know some more travellers. There is no chance to miss the bus, too, because the staff will take care of it.

The buses are usually Mini Vans with space for up to 14 people. The last Minivan will bring you to the ferry station in Donsak. As soon as you are getting off the Van, you will get your ferry ticket. The ferry to Koh Phangan is quite big, no chance to get seasick. :D And you will have an amazing view of Thailand's mainland and islands.

For all the romantic people: The sunset is going to be breathtaking! Arriving in Koh Phangan two hours later, it will be already dark. But there are taxis all over, that will bring you to your accommodation. Don't even try to haggle, the taxi drivers have their price lists set up. Having a good sleep after a day of travelling is important! Then you will have new power to start exploring Koh Phangan on the next day! The island has beautiful waterfalls, a lot of peaceful, clean beaches and for sure many nice people, that will go party with you at night time. Just check out the other articles on the website to get a great overview of what you shouldn't miss!

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