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Nics Lounge, Bar and Restaurant

michele fabio nics lounge bar restaurant monday event tech house venue haad rin The two sweet Italians Fabio and Michele have begun a new adventure in Haad rin.

As we all know Fabio’s in Ban Tai we will soon know Nics in Haad rin
Their new adventure begins at Nics Lounge, Bar & restaurant in little Ibiza, Haad rin.

Although the two of them speak the same language they have very different backgrounds for being here. but none the least, very similar reasons.

Before Michele came to Koh Phangan he spent around 10 years in Pataya working for/in the Italian embassy.

He had never been to Thailand before he came to stay. In many ways a very brave decision!
He just one day decided to quit all his business back home in Italy and live in Thailand. And so he did.
A few years ago he came to Phangan and found it to be a better place for him than Pataya .. So he stayed. He created different projects here along the years and now the partnership with Fabio’s has made first priority of all his projects.

Fabio came to Phangan around 7 years ago after he on a vacation here decided that he wanted to live here.
nics urban party phangan tech house venue haad rin
He was a cop for 20 years back home and was looking for a peaceful and quiet place.
Since he was also a Chef but never exercised it -  this talent was to be proved now.
Being an Italian Chef the logic restaurant to open is of course a Pizzeria.
He had a few try outs around on the island before he found his place in Ban Tai. Now Fabio’s pizzeria is a well known and loved island option for Italian food.

The guys actually met at Fabio’s and after many lunches and dinners through the last years, they together gave birth to their new baby , Nics.

The idea is of course to bring Fabio’s excellente taste to Haad rin & to create a space with more possibillities for projects or parties than the pizza restaurant in Ban tai.

Right now (Pi)Ann is under strict supervision at the Pizzaria in Ban Tai under Fabio’s Chef-microscope and when she is ready she will be cooking alone at the restaurant at Nics.
There are already rumours that guests had trouble extinguish Fabio’s Italian miracles with her newly taught skills!! Well done Ann!

A new menu has been created and the all-Italian delicacies has been yum'a'lized and all variations of carnies, veggies, vegans and so forth - can find their " taste" on the menu.

From the tips and tricks book we got from master chef Fabio at our visit last week, the recommended Rucola  pizza with Gorgonzola or the outstanding special energy pizza which you still cannot find on the menu, but have to ask for as a personal favourite - are special editions!!
Pizza with coffee!! According to both the Italians, you can't taste the coffee a lot but it sure makes you feel fresh again!!!

Phanganist recommends you to review this pizza and place a comment below in the comment box .. Maybe even a number of stars? please?

nics urban party restaurant pizzaria tech house venue phangan

When everybody are in their right space in the near future the absolutely sweet and innovative two guys, Fabio and Michele have an expansion plan.
But - not before Fabio and Ann are conducting the snack symphonies in each of their restaurants in respectively ban tai or haadrin where Michele is managing both places from his new office it the adjoining house to Fabio’s restaurant.
Not before Fabio’s have a new dinner garden and new kitchen next door ( to both the new upcoming office and Fabio’s existing location )
- THEN they have an excellent business expansion to bring to the people!

Pizza delivery !
Call and they come. From Nics in haadrin or Fabio’s in ban tai, who ever will be closest :))))


★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★

Nics will be open every day as Lounge with restaurant & bar and every Monday they will host a Tech House party with Rising New Star & HomeBoy Benoit on the decks!

nics urban party tech house venue monday event benoit haad rin

nics party phangan benoit tech house haad rin Phangan's New Star DJ Benoit Clerc will every Monday make sure that Nics is not only a yummy place to eat but also an elctro'licious experience!

Resident and International DJ guests will join Benoit on the decks and every Monday create a new special DJ Mixture for that night!

Lots of dancing space to do your wicked Travolta moves in, between the bar and tables. Soft Couches for relaxed chilling all around the walls with the bar in the middle.

Long time phangan resident and New Upcoming DJ Benoit will conduct us into a frenzie on the dance floor with a new energy that only can rise from the new feeling of a new talent!! A Sweet Melodic Beat is to be expected from Benoit - along side with a New Dj every Monday!

nics restaurant bar lounge tech house party phangan

nics lounge restaurant bar haadrin music venue tech house party phangan

Fabio’s pizzeria is of a certain feel and within short time the same feel will be brought to Nics lounge too.

For the daily doings and dines and for your exquisite tastes of life or living, Fabio’s and Nics will help you along.

Mister Master Chef, the charming & handsome Fabio and the Sweet creaTive & innovative Michele in a new partnership that will bring the classic Italian feeling to Ban Tai and Haad rin.

The best of Luck from Phanganist and keep charming Phangan with your Light Italian Latin Love!!!!

A new venue for the Electronic music scene on Koh Phangan island!
Open Every Day and Party Every Monday from 8 pm ~ 2 am with residents and international guest DJs presents Deep & Tech House sets.

nics lounge bar restaurant monday event party phangan tech house benoit


Nic's DJ Guest book



benoit clerc dj
Benoit Clerc Residentlady oh dj
Lady Oh

dj peter g nic lounge
Peter G

Jourdan Bordes

DJ Rob Gritton Moon Island RecordsRob Gritton

dj danial bayonasaures
Daniel Bayonasaures

pablo escobud dj
Pablo Escobud




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If you see something you like please feel free to purchase any of the photos for only 2 €

nices restaurant bar lounge tech house venue party phangan



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The Venue is in the Heart of Haad rin. Next to the Lake.



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