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DJ Jourdan Bordes is Back on Phangan

23 Feb 2013

DJ Jourdan Bordes at Loi Lay party Koh Phangan
DJ Jourdan Bordes is moving back to Koh Phangan after a short visit to his home and a longer DJ’ing Tour around the world.

On his Tour, Jourdan went to, among others, Miami’s Mansion Club, Dragons Den in New Orleans and the Punch Bowl in Horncastle England.
Now he is back for more Phangan Life!

Hi Jourdan, what are your plans for the near future on the Island?
“I am holding a DJ residency at the new Ku Club at the Beach Village and I will be playing at the FUBAR at the next Full Moon Party.
“ In addition to that I am currently working on an EP with a some good artist and among them DJ David Chong.”

Can you tell us something about the new track that you have created?
“This new tune was just released on a compilation in Beat Port and got from there signed to another compilation with Tube and Berger, Chus and many other awesome artists.

DJ Jourdan Bordes“I just recently had my first remix pressed to wax for a compilation with such artists as Moby, Maroon 5, Peter Gabriel, Arrested Development, Iggy Pop, and many others.

All profit will be donated to provide for help to teach meditation to mentally ill children.”

” I also promoted for Ultra Music festival in Miami with my good friend Jose Esco - a big promoter in America.”
Thank you Jourdan and welcome back <3

The Loi Lay movie with DJ Jourdan Bordes.


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