Phangan First Lady - Interview with Lady Oh

12 Feb 2021

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Lady Oh Koh Phangan resident DJ
One of Thailand's top female DJs alongside Nakadia, DJ Lady Oh was first introduced to the Underground House and Techno scene when she travelled to Spain.

Her passion for music took over and on return to Koh Phangan (Thailand’s Little Ibiza) she started promoting herself and soon gained sets at some of the Island's best underground parties and festivals.

Lady Oh has had the privilege of warming up the crowd for Orbital, Jaguar skills and Marco V to name but a few.  

She is resident at Koh Phangan's Jungle Experience, set in the wild jungle in Baan Tai. This international party happens twice a month before Full Moon, hosting  guests including Marco Bailey, Randy Seidman and Marco Loco.

Now on her way back to Europe for a summer tour taking in Belgium and Holland, LADY OH is a name to look out for in the future!


Lady Oh, what was the first step on the road to becoming a DJ?                               

I simply began to DJ because I love music and I love to party and I wanted to be an active part of this.
 In 2006 i first visited Koh Phangan and got introduced to the party scene.  Back then on Koh Phangan it was Psy-Trance mostly - I had never heard music like it, something completely new for me. I didn't always agree with the music that was being played – so when I became a DJ I could start to play exactly what I liked myself!


In 2007 I moved to South of Spain, there the clubs were mostly playing House and Techno. This opened my ears to a new sound, I was really enjoying the club scene there going to clubs like Industrial Copera, Dreamers Club and La Passion.

One time I went to one of the many after parties - and it was there for the first time I was in the DJ box watching what was going on - and I realized that this is what i want to do in my life!


I am one of the resident DJs at Jungle Experience, and have been for the last year, and I also host a night in Haad Rin every Monday at Nic's Lounge called Urban Party where we feature a guest DJ every week.

I've had the opportunity to play at great parties and festivals on Koh Phangan, like Rhythm & Sands and the Love is  festival on Haadrin FullMoon Beach, Re-Earth festival on Koh Samui and also in Malaysia at Quinte KL with resident DJs Kuma & Alex Martin, who are both good friends now.

I  have also played Anahata, Mellow Mountain, Hacienda, Sramanora, Joon Bungalows, BM Bar, Loi Lay and H2O Boat party, all on Koh Phangan.


I started to learn to DJ from a DJ friend in Spain. After some practice, in 2008, I got the chance to play in some of the after parties there in Spain, then in 2009 i went to PX Pioneer DJ school

By this time i could already beat match and mix, I was learning how to use the mixer effects and using different mixers. I also learned about how to read the crowd.

It also made me realize that DJing is far more than just mixing tracks together and this was a big step to becoming more professional.


In 2010 I came back to Koh Phangan where I played at The Beach House and became resident, and then last year was lucky enough to be invited by Jungle Experience party to come and play. 
After this I became Resident DJ there and been very happy to be so.

After the high season i moved back to Belgium where I played for Beat Infected. I also played for some Clubs and Festivals there too.

Everything started with the Jungle Experience  and at parties around Koh Phangan.They made my name here and after a while I started to get requests by European DJ’s and I went to Belgium to play.

Which artist have been your inspiration?

My inspiration have been mainly from artists like Carl Cox, Christian Varella and Marco Bailey. When I see and hear these artists I know that this is how I want to do and play! I will try always to get better and learn more. Now I like to play Deep House, Tech House and Techno Minimal but I enjoy also Trance.

What projects do you have lined up for the future?  

Right now I will be heading back to Europe for couple of months, I have also started to learn how to produce...


Lady Oh at the Jungle experience Koh Phangan

What kind of music will you be producing? 

Right now I mostly play Techno, but I also like Tech House and Deep House, all strictly underground of course!! So I will be aiming to to produce this genre. I do like some of the Progressive Trance also...

How do you feel about being a woman in a primary male dominated trade?

As a woman it can be an even harder trade. Its is a hard DJ world out there and you have to play very good to get somewhere! When I play I feel great support from the female crowd and that makes me feel special ;) !

How do you feel about the Phangan Scene and Your future? Do you see yourself on Phangan in 10 years?

I hope I will stay here to play because this is my Country and Phangan is my home! They made me who I am here and I am very grateful for that. This I will never forget and I hope that I can stay here and make a future in the years to come!


Lady Oh at the Jungle Experience Koh Phangan

Lady Oh at Jungle Experience Koh Phangan - May 2013



If you would like to hear my sound you can check out my mixes at or or - and search for DJ Lady Oh!








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