Pablo Escobud - Koh Phangan music scene pioneer

28 Apr 2021

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Arriving in Thailand 15yrs ago, Pablo Escobud is an established figure on the Koh Phangan music scene where his renown as a DJ has flourished. 

Well known for his love of funky Tech House with euphoric vocals, Pablo has featured at a wide array of events in the Gulf of Thailand, playing a host of underground parties. He is Resident DJ @ Jungle Experience Koh Phangan.

Part of Radio KC's 'DJ Dozen Squad' Event every month, Pablo is also enjoying airtime on UK, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese & Canadian radio.

His FUBAR FULL MOON PARTY made BEATPORT TOP 100 MIXES within 48hrs of release, reaching No. 44 in October 2012.

With radio airtime across Europe, interest from music blogs from Asia to New York, and SoundCloud hits in 75+ countries, Pablo Escobud is truly establishing himself as a Koh Phangan DJ with global appeal.

He released RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE, from Jungle Experience Nov 2012 on Beatport Mixes for a 12hr DJ Mix Special on French radio 12/12/12:  *An Eclectic Musical Event* 12 DJs 12 Mixes 12 Hours.

pablo escobud dj phangan party jungle experience

Your first arrival to Koh Phangan was about 15 years ago, how was Koh Phangan back then and how was the party scene at that time?

I first arrived in Koh Phangan 15yrs ago to stay on Haad Rin Sunset beach, in a small bungalow complex of thatched huts surrounded by palm grove jungle... a 15min walk from the Full Moon Party beach.

There were no roads or ferries or electricity back then, and you either hiked a 3km trek over the Haad Rin hills to get here or arrived by longtail boat!

The road over the hills was just being built. Haad Rin was still one big coconut grove with a buffalo ring by the lotus-covered lake and only a dirt path from the pier to the main palm-lined beach.

The Full Moon Party wasn't commercial back then - that changed with the Millennium in 2000 - it was a colorful party down at Paradise with about 600 people partying till dawn.

We used to party 3 times a week in the old Back Yard bouncing on the wooden floorboards - before it fell and they built the new one - and twice a week in the old Harmony club.

There were occasional small trance parties outside of Haad Rin, at the Sramanora & Paeng waterfalls, but no other parties on the island!

Weird and wonderful characters!
It was an island of beautiful people, no fat people or kids!
Lots of interesting travelers with everybody on the road for months, on the way to Indonesia or coming from India and the trance scene in Goa and even Japan.

How did it change since, and what do you think about the music scene these days?

The island trance scene was great, loved to party to trance... but when alternative music started to appear in what was about to grow into a vibrant Underground Koh Phangan party scene it was like a breath of fresh air for me - as my first love of music is the house scene.

I 'cut my teeth when I was young on soul & funk music, and I love all the harmonies, riffs, vocals, & great beats that house music offers: love my music to be upbeat & bouncing and spend hours searching for that tune that will get people up and dancing. It’s all about the music!

dj pablo escobud mia escobud phangan party jungle experience

You celebrated your marriage in Bird Bungalows at Haad Rin Sunset beach.

I've been coming to Bird Bungalows for 15yrs - my wife Mel for 20yrs - we just celebrated our 10yr wedding anniversary in 2012. ( YeAAy - Beautiful! Grats a million! - from Phanganist!! )  We had a traditional Thai wedding back then at Bird Bungalows, the Thai family gave us like son & daughter.  There were 200 people Thai & farang at our wedding and we made a lot of island bonds there, Koh Phangan really is our 2nd home!

What parties are you playing during this season?

Jungle Experience, Loi Lay, Back Yard, FUBAR, Secret Garden, The Castle Koh Tao, Re-earth Festival Koh Samui, Culture Shock Surat Thani, Quinte KLCoast 4* Resort, Hansa, Electronic Lounge, Apache Bar, and more TBC!

Bird Bungalows is also planning Love Is In The Air - their 2nd Annual PAC Party at Leela Beach for Valentine's Day 2013, in aid of Phangan Animal Care - see you there!

What parties were you playing during the last visit?
 pablo escobud phangan party dj jungle experience
During that season I had gigs at Loi Lay Sunday Parties, Anahata, Fubar, Sramanora Blue & Green, and PAC Charity Party @ Leela Beach.
I also played in Koh Chang in December and Valentines Party in Khao Lak in February.
Last year Pablo left the island in April to return to Europe but quickly returned to KPG mid-Nov 2012... for the foreseeable future!!
Thank you for your Music and Good vibe, Pablo, and thanks to Mel for her enthusiasm and happy being !!
pablo escobud dj phangan party jungle experience

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