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Elle The Original Phangan Party Girl

15 Mar


The Original Phangan Party Girl


Elle first arrived to Asia as an exotic dancer in the 1970s.

Once a glamour model and burlesque dancer, the ever youthful Elle used to be a fire-eater and even danced with pythons!

She celebrated her 60th birthday here on Koh Phangan on 13 Mar 2013.



Elle party girl phangan party
Elle party girl phangan


Adept in acrobatic dancing and contortions, Elle rode elephants in Blackpool Tower circus in 1972!

Her 1st visit to Asia was in 1975: She came to Japan as a dancer and "did the circuit" Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia & Taiwan.



When did you get your  dreadlocks and first tattoos?

"My first tattoo was a Millennium present to myself in 1999-2000!  

It was so painful I thought I'd never have a tattoo again, but then my paramedic friend Whip set up a tattoo design shop in Haad Rin offering injectable anaesthetic!"
"Since then I've gone tattoo mad!"


Elle party girl phangan
Elle party girl phangan


Elle is covered in arty tattoos: 

Ganesh & Japanese cherry blossom on her arms, lotus flowers on her back and vines of flowers on her shaven scalp!

"I got my dreadlocks last year - I'd been thinking about it for a couple of years, and by that age I felt I was 'mature' enough to have them - I've earned them!"



What is your favourite party nowadays?



Elle party girl phangan
Elle party girl phangan party


What were the parties like 20yrs ago?

"The main parties were on Full Moon Party beach really; there weren't any jungle or waterfall parties back then, the main scene was in Haad Rin:
"Paradise, Harmony, Backyard,Bongo Bar, Purple Haze... 

And do you remember the parties at Palm Beach?"
Yes we do!


"All the parties were free back then!

I'm the original Koh Phangan Party Girl  and I can't seem to get a free pass anywhere!

Party People of Koh Phangan please take note and remember me next season!"

Dinara party girl phangan
Elle party girl phangan party


Elle is an inspiration to us all, a shining example of pure Phangan Party Spirit!

And a very welcome addition to the melee of wild and wonderful characters on Koh Phangan!

We wish the stunning, jovial and loud as life Elle the very best birthday wishes and many many happy returns on the occasion of  her 60th birthday!




dinara koh phangan party girl


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Eva Koh phangan party girl

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