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Lena Skvortsova - Phangan Party Girl

18 Sep 2012


My name is Lena and I am from Russia. I'm 29 years old and I am currently spending my time on Koh Phangan.

Lena Skvortsova Koh Phangan Party Girl
Lena Skvortsova Koh Phangan Party Girl

I have been here before.

About 4 or 5 years ago I went on a vacation here for couple of month.
This time I was intending to come without any reason, my 6th sense just brought me here!



I grew up among trance parties and festivals.

I still love it but now-a- days I prefer Tech house events or live Jazz singing.



To let you know my favorite DJ is maybe too important for the business! Especially a particular name ;) Just kidding of course!

There a still a few guys that will tempt a party girl like me to dance.

For example, Darragh Casey, Fabrice and Acrobat.



Lena Skvortsova Koh Phangan Party Girl

I don’t want to know why I am here.

When I will understand why I am here, I will have to leave somewhere else. I’m looking for a good place to stay. I traveled a lot but didn’t yet find my

If it’s Phangan I hope it stays in the same magical atmosphere so I can stay here.

It’s a bit of a sophisticated island and it has something more than a numerous Moon parties.… and a place with secrets are always more attractive to stay.



I live in the Jungle House, with a stunning view of Koh Ma Island.

This is a very particular experience, so different from hotels, huts and houses. You never know who is watching you from the bush or hiding in the dark corner.

It increases my tolerance to creatures with whom we live so near, but usually ignore, or fight with.

All the armies of ants, bugs and snakes who just made me scream before now teach me to be more attentive, accurate and even graceful and self confident, a perfect school for a city girl like me.



Lena Skvortsova Party Girl Koh Phangan
Lena Skvortsova party Girl Koh Phangan

Any party becomes my favorite as long as I am among good company and good music!
Those are the two aspects that make a good party.

The location doesn’t matter that much but so far I can name the Air Lounge parties as one of the best.

It always has a good atmosphere; it’s not too crowded and has an amazing view and a great sound system.



My hobby has always been paintings and designing.
Here I’m spending a lot of time creating leather accessories or making clothing.

I also love to make photos, mostly architectural, and while I was in
I think it was my main hobby.

I had a visual greed for ancient temples and chaotic city constructions which you can find only there. 



Lena Skvortsova party Girl Koh Phangan
Lena Skvortsova Party Girl Koh Phangan

It’s hard to consider what dancing is in my life because it is a big part of it!

I’m attracted to any kind of self expression, whether it’s playing with fire poi or taking part in the shows, everything that can lift your spirit or the mood of people around you.



My Everyday is spent in a very unusual way; Coffee, gymnastics, tanning, having fun, working or spending time with friends.

On the other hand, when I think of how other people spend their days, it makes me feel sad for them, you know what I mean, no need to offend the office workers.



Lena Skvortsova party girl on Koh Phangan
Lena Skvortsova Party Girl Koh Phangan

So far I am who I am!

I devoted a lot of time working and managing restaurants in
, and I would like to use this experience a bit more to run my own bar.

This is something I would like to do.



To be beautiful helps and bothers me at the same time!

Not every women you ask this question has been born beautiful and here is a quote of one Russian IT girl, “If a women does not become a beauty until her 30’s, that means she is stupid.”



Now I’m in love and very happy.I was sent here by my 6th sense to find Love I believe.



Lena Skvortsova Party Girl Koh Phangan
Lena Skvortsova Party Girl Koh Phangan

My philosophy is easy.

Develop your doings and enjoy every moment of your life.
Be honest with other people and yourself.
To care.
To express and impress.

That’s how I am trying to live and that’s what I expect from the people around me.

Some people can judge me and consider me a bitch but it is all in the Looks ;)

Photographed at: Outlaws Saloon Koh Phangan