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Mila Obolenskaya - Koh Phangan Party Girl

28 Nov

My name is Mila and I’m from Siberia.

I come from the third biggest town in Russia actually. We are around 2 million people there.

I am 32 years. My Mind and Body feels young ‘cause I have a wonderful life.

Happiness always make you shine.

I have so much Love to share which I believe will keep you young too.

mila party girl phangan party

It is my first Time on Koh Phangan.
It didn't take me long time to realize that I belong here. 

So I Stayed.

mila party girl phangan party

I don't know which DJ is my favorite one.

It’s a very difficult question ‘cause most of the Dj’s here are my good friends also.

They are all nice and professional guys and girls. Maybe it is a matter of the mood I am in for the party.


Different Moods for different DJs.

mila party girl phangan party

I just love the atmosphere here on the island and here is no snowflakes what so ever !!

It is my 9th month on the island and I have already moved a few times.

Now I finally found the perfect place .. 

mila party girl phangan party

I'm in love with music that makes me dance.

My favorite parties right now are Guys barEden Garden and Backyard!

I like them because of the music and the Dj’s there.

Its super friendly atmosphere and I like the privacy of the parties.

It’s very important to me that I feel safe when I go out.

That I can let my mind and body dance.

mila party girl phangan party

I make Handicrafts in my spare time. Hand-made things are my way to relax.

I can actually knit very beautiful and make clothes. I always collect shells from the beach and make chimes out of them. I love to make beautiful things for my home and decorate around me.

In my everyday life I am a real Beast!
-but beautiful, you know.
Everyday is a new day that brings a different mood and new emotions. 

No matter what I do, I do it with Love, pleasure and passion.

mila party girl phangan party

What would I like to be? (when I grow up?)
I don’t want to grow up!

and if I do I just want to be as happy as I am now.

Do you think its easy to be beautiful?
I wouldn't be that sure.

mila party girl phangan party

If I can buy a bikini set without changing the size of either bottoms or top? 

Haha, well I never buy a Full bikini ‘cause I like to swim Topless!

mila phangan party girl

When I was in the high school my classmate invited me for a date. We met in the park where we thought no one would see us. 

Since we were attracted by each other we started kissing. But the thing was that the guy was much taller than me so I had to get on the step to enjoy. Suddenly our friend showed up and greeted us. It was so unexpected and loud that we fell apart and my boyfriend landed right on my leg.

Guess what?

Broken leg plastered for two months.

mila party girl phangan

 I like to make after party for my friends and sometimes I cook for them ‘cause this is one of my talents also!! (.. ( Phanganist; .. I know it’s good !! Yummy ! )

Guys bar party phangan party girl

I live in Paradise and if I am Eve I will need an Adam and there is always an Adam in the Garden of Eden

back yard party girl phangan

mila party girl koh phangan party

To be living in a State within. All settings are clear - Take it or leave it.

Be yourself no matter what they say.

Don't worry - Be Sexy!

Photography: Sun Laboratory by Anton Petukhov.  Other photos by: 

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