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Dinara Shugurova Koh Phangan Party Girl

5 Feb

Dinara Shugurova

I was born in Moscow, Russia

I am 25 years old.

I was on Koh Phangan for the first time 4 years ago.

Dinara party girl phangan party
Dinara party girl phangan party


Favourite music style is House Music

Favourite DJ on Ko Phangan? 
Dj INlighten




I am on Koh Phangan because I love the energy here.

I live right now in Ban Tai area.

Dinara party girl phangan party

My favourite party here is the Loi Lay Floating Boat Party.

I like this type of people who attend this party! There is so many friendly people there! 


I enjoy Fire Dancing, Modelling, Painting and Muay Thai

Dinara party girl phangan
Dinara phangan party girl



Most of my time here I spend on the Beach or Shopping for Clothes if Im not at one of the Fun Parties.



When I "grow up" I will like to be the owner of many clothes shops 

Dinara party girl phangan
Dinara party girl phangan party


How do you cope with being so beautiful?
"Haha Thank you for that!
I think everyone is beautiful in their own way so I guess I cope by appriziating the beauty in others"



Can you ever buy a full bikini without having to change the size of either the bottoms or the Top?
"Eh, Usually I have to purchase a larger bikini Top"

Dinara party girl phangan
Dinara party girl phangan party

 I've been in a relation ship ever since my Boy friend made me fall in Love with him!

Would you like a Date with a Phanganist?
"Haha Thanks but No Thanks!"
Dinara party girl phangan TURN OFF : Angry People
TURN ON: Dark skin and Dreadlocks


Dinara's Life Philosophy is to Stay where you Love to Stay and Be with The ones you Love!

Check out Dinara's Full Photo Album HERE!




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Eva Koh phangan party girl

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