Chanon Saengchompoo Multi Artist

12 Feb 2021

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Chanon in Fubar Full Moon Party Koh Phangan July 2012

The Bangkok Multi Artist, Chanon Saengchompoo! 
Multi Artist Chanon's most important purpose in life is to make Art and to share his Vision with the world.

Chanon has always been painting and was taught Classical Painting at the King Palace School of Art.

Here he was trained in Classic Painting, Sculpturing and Drawing.
He was especially working with the National Thai Paintings which is used when painting the Temples and for colouring the King Palace.

At a time when Chanon was working as a Painter in the Temples around Thailand he felt the urge to develop his Art once again.
He attended a College for Fine Arts and Music and here he would, among other topics, study The History and Philosophy of Art and the Marketing of Arts and Music.

Chanon at Hansa beach Full Moon party August 2012During his study years he opened an Antique Shop at the Weekend Market where he would introduce, present and hopefully also sell his own Art Works.
He worked with a team of creative people who all lived with him. They would offer Special Events and Happenings within Arts and be decorating Spaces and Places or maybe build sets and props for Movies.

During these years he expanded and experimented with a lot of different ideas and different materials.
He found his favourite style to be Natural.
He would prefer to use Nature materials and fit his Art to the Space around him and kept trying to stay connected with Nature in his Art.

As he say; “The job of the Artist is to make people happy, show the Beauty of the World and change the World with it".

Chanon use materials that he finds around and recycle it with and in his Art.
When you do this it keeps the Soul and the Energy of the area, he believe.
Chanon at hansa beach with his wall painitngHis last creation was decorating the Jungle Experience garden.

“I feel that there is more to a party than drinking and dancing. You can make the place and space around the people so beautiful and inviting".

"I'm working hard but I still feel that when I create Beauty for the people it fills me up and make me feel happy and complete".

Chanon's Art Philosophy is; "Art is Universal and Free."

"When I make Art it makes me Feel Free.
When you do something from your heart and for the happiness of people, it is for me, Good Art.
Art is everywhere and in everyone, you just need to do things completely and from your heart... and when you create and see your creation complete and finish you feel fulfilled and happy.
I feel like I was born to make Art and that it’s my Destiny".

His creative Art forms have also led him into Fire Dancing.
He has been spinning Fire for many years now and is developing this skill nearly every day and with every performance. Chanon danced at Jungle Experience, Loi Lay, Half Moon party,Hansa beach at the Full Moon party just to mention some.

“When I'm dancing with fire I feel a complete connection to the Universe!”
Chanon play guitar jam session on Koh Phangan“I learned and know now how to dance with the fire without hurting myself and I enjoy making the people excited about it".

If you want to see Chanon do his Fire spinning with the other Jungle Experience Fire dance team you can check him out at this link.

Chanon of course also loves music, a part of Art ;) and are playing the Drums too.
If he caught your eye or your mind and you would like to catch him somewhere we recommend that you look for him at the parties where he often plays his Drums to the Beat.

Maybe you will be Lucky and it will be Chanon! ;)


Chanon work and perormance

chanon work and performance on Koh Phangan

Loi Lay Vid - Live Percussion by Chanon