Improvement of safety standard for ziplining and outdoor activities in planning for return of tourism

30 Mar 2021

In planning for the return of foreign tourists, Thailand tourism officials plan to improve safety standards for adventure activities such as ziplining to reduce accidents and gain tourist confidence.

In Chiang Mai, a Canadian man died in a zip line incident in 2019. He was attached to the harness, ready for the 5 kilometer Flight of the Gibbon, when he stepped off the platform and fell 12 meters to the ground. He died from the impact.

There was a "metallurgical failure," according to Flight of the Gibbon at the time.

The man's family says the cable clamps were not properly secured before he walked away from the platform.

The man's family has asked that ziplining in Thailand be made safer. They said in a previous report...

“We are happy for the support of the Thai government and local authorities in bringing about change and accountability that will get ziplining safety up to par with other countries.”

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports has teamed up with Kasetsart University's Faculty of Engineering to set up new safety standards. According to the ministry's deputy permanent secretary Taweesak Wanichcharoen, they've created adventure tourism manuals so far to help prevent accidents. Improved safety standards would not only help gain tourist trust but will also help tourism growth, according to Taweesak.

The 2019 fatal ziplining accident was not stated in a Bangkok Post report on the new safety standards, nor were there any details on what the new safety standards will be. The improved standards will be introduced first in Chiang Mai, Phuket, Kanchanaburi, Udon Thani, Chon Buri, and Bangkok, Taweesak said.