Outdoor Activities to Do on Koh Phangan

22 Jan 2016

Fancy something energetic and exciting to do on Koh Phangan?

This relaxed, easy going island has some great hidden gems of extremeness within its Jungle...

Muay Thai Courses
Muay Thai (Thai boxing) is very popular on Koh Phangan with a range of gyms all over the island to choose from. You can take part in a serious course or just train to keep fit, but you will certainly learn some skills and have your strength tested.

You can even train with twice world champion Chin at Chinnarach Gym in Thong Sala.

Slip n Fly
Featuring the biggest and craziest slides in Southern Asia, with a mix of adventure, games and artists, to bring you the ultimate daytime tropical party on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan.

Slip n Fly is usually open for four to five days during the full moon week with passes for all of the days so you can keep going back!

The Challenge Phangan
Situated at the beautiful lake in SriThanu, Go and try out the exhilarating obstacle course on water. Plus there is a free pool table, kayaks and great food.

It costs only 500 Baht per person for the entire day,

Kite Surfing
Kitesurfing is a surface water sport which harnesses the power of the wind with a large controllable power kite to be propelled across the water on a kiteboard similar to a wakeboard or a small surfboard.

We recommend learning with Dani from Breeze Kiteboarding at Phangan Beach Resort in Ban Tai beach on the south side of Koh Phangan Island. This beach is perfect for kite lessons and riding thanks to its safe shallow water.

Khao Ra Hike
This stunning viewpoint is around 2 to 3 km up and will take you between one and two hours to hike up to but it is well worth it to go through the lush jungle and then take in the beautiful view.

Plus it keeps you healthy and fit but remember to take plenty of water!

Photo taken by Tony.

Wakeboarding was developed from a combination of water skiing, snowboarding, and surfing techniques. The rider is usually towed behind a motorboat and you can learn to flip and jump.

Try Wake Up Wakeboarding in Chaloklum which has been established for over ten years now.

Scuba and Freediving
There are too many scuba diving schools to choose from on Koh Phangan as we are very close to the amazing dive site of Sail Rock. There are many courses to choose from depending on whether this is your first time or if you are more experienced, you will find something to suit.

Free diving is where you dive without scuba gear, you will experience the tranquility of the underwater world using your own natural breath. Try Freedive Koh Phangan based in Haad Salad, and official and internationally approved freediving centre.

Jet Ski
Take a safari Jet ski around the beautiful island of Phangan or even into Ang Thong Marine Park.

Jet Ski’s are small, fast and move well so can give you an exhilarating experience on the water but please make sure that you take care of yourself and others in the water.