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Hua Hin Surf and Skate Jam in November to highlight area for Tourism

4 Nov 2020

Tourism Authority of Thailand, Prachuap Khiri Khan Office, and the Hua Hin Municipality Cooperate with the event to end the year 2020 with "Hua Hin Surf and Skate Jam".

It is a five board sports: Surfboard, Skateboard, Surf Skate, Skimboard, and Supboard (Stand Up Paddle Board). 

There will be a variety of activities including professional workshops, prize competition games, surf lessons, entertainment from DJs and artists such as Yellow Fang, DJ Pichy, Dragon, DJ Orawan, Dj Krit Morton, and many more,  that will come to make the fun of this event.

This activity will start between 20-21 November 2020, as part of stimulating domestic tourism and introducing an individual image of Hua Hin through sports activities. 

And to announce the potential of Hua Hin as a unique tourist destination for these types of activities in Thailand. 

The part of the direction of the wind-wave from the end of October to March of every year. This makes Hua Don beachfront of Hua Hin is the waves are ideal for surfing activities. 

At the beginning of 2020, Kru Lek Patravadi Meechuthon opened the Hua Hin Skate Park, the first and only skateboard court in Hua Hin built for the public benefit and does not take any expenses at all.


The event starts at 5:00 pm - 9:30 pm.

The highlight of the first day will be two types of board events: skateboard and surf skating.

There will be a professional skateboarding team from Preduce, and introduce techniques and skills to attendees.  

And there are many competitions for awards for followers of surfing, skating or who have never tried this sport. 

You can come to try surf skates from many leading brands such as YOW (Yao), Smoothstar, Slide, etc., and can learn basic playing techniques. 

Many pro surf skates in Thailand will share their techniques and knowledge with those who attended the event.

Also, there are many prize games from a combination of booths such as AirAsia, Rip Curl, Vana Nava Water Park, etc.



For interested in attending the event, you can follow page details at https://www.facebook.com/huahinsurfskatejam