New Year, New You? Detox and Retreat on Koh Phangan

3 Jan 2020

It’s very common after a month of partying, celebrating and over indulging from festivities that many of us will make a resolution to be healthier in the new year. Koh Phangan is the perfect place to start with its many wellness retreats, yoga centres and detox programs you are spoilt for choice!

Let us help you decide…

Loyfa Betterlife Ayurveda
The Loyfa BetterLife Ayurveda package is designed to gently bring you into presence, to nurture and to renew. Ayurveda is one of the world's oldest holistic (whole-body) healing systems. Originating from India around 5000 years ago it aims to restore a natural and balanced state of health. The program of meditation and yoga is accessible to all and will rejuvenate you into the new year.
With a strong focus on deep relaxation and presence. This combined with a personalized Ayurvedic Health Consultation, treatments and lifestyle plan is a beautiful offering of self-care, one which can be taken home with you. Let our Ayurvedic specialist guide you on a journey of self-discovery and balance.
This program is offered as both a 4 day and 7 day package and can be customized to suit your needs.

Orion Detox Centre
Orion really specialise in detox as well as other things and there are many programs to choose from. They state that “The main benefit to a detox is the restoration of your body’s natural self-healing abilities. During the first 12 hours of detox your body stops the process of metabolising i.e. converting food into energy. The energy that the body would use to process food then gets redirected into self-healing”.
Orion Healing Centre is located in Sri Thanu here on Koh Phangan directly on the beach and so is a very calming place to be perfect for a detox to start your new year.

Ananda Yoga and Detox
Ananda’s 7.5 day detox program (8 nights) is the most popular. It takes exactly seven days of fasting to cleanse the entire bloodstream and thoroughly rid the lymph system of toxins. Detoxers from around the world return to Ananda annually for the 7 day detox.
Their Detoxification and Cleansing Fast programs utilize a time-proven system to rid the body of toxins and other unwanted waste. They include sauna, massage and fasting as well as other treatments in the package.

Wonderland offer detox programs that can be tailored specifically to your needs, with the expert guidance of on-site detox specialists who will assist you on your journey towards a new and improved state of health and well-being.
Additionally, their schedule of expertly-taught yoga and meditation classes are designed to support you in the process of fasting or detoxing.

That’s just a few of the main detox programs here on the island, there are many more, some smaller groups or you can find one on one sessions. Enjoy your new year!