Hilarious Talking Birds In Koh Phangan!

23 Nov 2019

If you’re lucky, when you’re walking around the island you may come across the most peculiar little black bird you’ll ever meet. It can mimic anything from a car horn to a person talking to a dog barking. It’s absolutely hilarious! This one-of-a-kind bird is called a mynah and it is definitely one of the most amazing animals in the world. 

The mynah is a tropical talking bird that people have as a pet. The ones in the wild don’t tend to talk. The ones that talk the most are raised from birth and placed in a very active environment where it can interact with many different people and different kinds of sounds. It is a very intelligent creature so it will learn a lot - the more you provide it to pick up on, the more it will absorb.

Most bird enthusiasts consider the mynah one of the best avian mimics of human speech, second only to the gray parrot. These birds have a wide and varied "vocabulary" that includes more than human words! 

There are actually different species of mynah. The hill mynah is the variety most often kept as a pet as it is the one that can speak. It is native to the tropics of southeast Asia. It has a fully black body with an orange-red bill and yellow feet and legs. They mostly just eat fruit. They are very friendly and clever. They also adapt well to living in cages and can be bred in captivity, which makes it easy to have them as a pet.