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Dec 4 to 10 - What to do a week ahead on Koh Phangan

3 Dec

A New Week arising! Koh Phangan's rainy but lot's and lot's to do here!! It is even Xmas month for those who celebrate this! Have a look for what next week brings for you! 

Just this week we have both Shiva Moon and Waterfall Party. Loi Lay is re-opening on Sunday! Fullmoon after parties all Monday! Infinity Beach Club open every day from 6pm to 9pm with happy hour!

Have a look at our weekly guide here below, day by day recommended parties and events on all of Koh Phangan!

Monday December 4
After Party day! Fullmoon is over but we still have the after parties! No less than two famous afterparties are running today and night. Before you leave Haad rin in the morning take a peek over to the Back Yard Afterparty! You might find that you can dance a little bit more! - and if you still don't feel to stop continue the evening at Ban Sabaii Afterparty in Baan Tai!

If you are done dancing but still like to have a drink, head over to the Sexy Nurse Party at Pink Panther Bar for a nice ending of the Fullmoon days!

Tuesday December 5
Have a chill day with Phanganist and gain your powers back from the many days of party and fullmoon! Rent a car and take an island roundabout while resting and still exloring! Check out the MoonLight Cinema on a rainy day!

Fill in your WISHLIST for the day and we will grant your wishes! Everything to do on Phangan including a WISHLIST for you! Arrange for the next days, plan your overnight trip to Angthong Marine Park or an Island hopping adventure!

In the evening you could try the local Mookratha BBQ or the food market in Thong Sala.

Wednesday December 6
Tonight is Shiva Moon Party!
Shiva Moon is on with PSYCHEDELIC CELEBRATION - an original Trance party with some of the best Trance Dj's on the island!

Preparty at Phanganist Hostel with Old School Hip Hop!

If you like we can take you on a waterfall roundabout and hike through the mountains and waterfalls. Walk up the waterfall and dip in the pools and take a massage shower on the way up! Have a full fun day climbing waterfalls and hiking! 


Thursday December 7
If you are not already staying with us, then come over for a Phanganist Special Package and relax by the pool at Phanganist HQ or take a roundabout to all of Koh Phangan Beaches! By boat or by car, your choice! 

These days have good wind. Why not try out a Kite Surf course! Begin today!

Think about an 8 day fun trip Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, we arrange easy for you!

Friday December 8
It can be a great day to check out Koh Phangan.

What is here? Discover Phangan day! Take a small roundabout Phangan beaches and swimming spots. 

If you feel to be more on land , you can have an authentic local experience with a tour around Phangan. Discover aspects of the local island lifestyle by participating in our workshop, visit the best sites of Phangan island and learn about history and traditions.. A tour like no other!

Help with the beach clean every Friday!! 

Check Baan Tai for sunset and the Infinity Beach Club! Go swim in their beautiful pool with a refreshing drink, their Sushi Heaven begins at 7pm with, some of the best sushi on the island!! 

If you are in the mood for something more healthy check out AGAMA's Friday event; Experience a very special meditation focused on giving and receiving love. Every Friday, 20:30-22:00 @ Shakti Hall, Agama Yoga campus Srithanu. 

Saturday December 9
Take a day around Phangan and see their temples! Scary exibition not to be missed at the Wat Samai Khongka and the big Chinese Bell that brings you luck for the next year in the Chinese Temple on the way to Chaloklam. 
Or embrace an all around the island tour! 

Today can also be a water day if you want a bit of action!  What about diving? Never tried it? 
Well start slowly and safely with us!
Certified diver already, well then come with us HERE instead.
Maybe you are a group of divers? Then join us for a fun dive trip or check out our Aqua Package!
Our group offers are some of the best and we love to take your crew on a group package dive roundabout!

If you don't want to party or maybe before, check out Thong Sala Walking Street market from 4pm to 9pm.

Sunday december 10
Ah lovely lazy Sundays on Koh Phangan, mind you it is kinda like Sunday every day here!

Begin the day with an amazing powerful and fun ECSTATIC DANCE! Every Sunday Morning doors open at 10:30AM, Opening Circle starts at 11AM @ Pyramid Yoga Center. Feel free, be free, dance away!

Continue the day in same spirit and try out some of the islands popular offers like Yoga or Muay Thai classes maybe. You can try out a Muay Thai Class or maybe a Yoga class  for the day without commiting to a full course! ​

Loi Lay Re-opening party tonight!! Beloved Floating Boat party Loi Lay is finishing their vacation and opening their doors for guests again tonight!


After all this Fullmoon madness, why not spend some time in blissfull peace and take a 7 days retreat to mindfulness? Koh Phangan has some of the most beautiful retreats to offer!

Next week is December 11 to December 17 with Halfmoon Festival - Into the Wild - coming up! Get ready - book tickets and accommodation here!!

Mountain Life and Lost Paradise Parties coming up. Loy Loi on every Sunday and Infinity Beach club with special Happy Hour every day from 6pm to 9pm!

We hope you have a good week and vacation on Phangan! Welcome to contact us for further details anytime at our facebook page!

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