The Crystal Island - Part Two

12 Feb 2021

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Back in 2015 we published an article called ‘The Crystal Island’ where we addressed and discussed the famous topic of Koh Phangan being an island of quartz. It has remained one of our most popular articles and so we thought we would return to this magical theme once again with a ‘part two’.

Since then it has become even more apparent that Koh Phangan is a crystal island, we are discovering for ourselves small and large semi precious stones in our gardens, on the beach and in the jungle. In fact one of our team members has an area in their land that literally spits up large rocks of quartz every now and then, now they are scattered around like magical little protectors of the house and garden.

The main stone in this story of Phangan would be ‘quartz’, possibly ‘rose quartz’ which is clear or slightly pink in colour. This stone is gentle and loving and widely used in healing methods, maybe this is why the island attracts yoga, meditation and healing practices.

Quartz can amplify energy, again bringing us to the very Yin and Yang sides of this island and its magical feel. You can go from being very calm to very extreme here, something not felt in other parts of the world where most of us foreigners are from.

We’re still not 100% sure if it is quartz or not but during further inspection of certain rocks here on the island especially on the west coast we do see lots of glimmers of a clear shiny crystal among the large stone boulders so maybe this is true.

Quartz is particularly good for Feng Shui in the home so if you happen to find something that looks like one it may be a nice idea to place it where you are staying to bring in fresh energy and good vibes.

We checked in again with one of our many stone and crystal gurus on the island Andrea from Pet Tawan in Thong Sala to see if she has made any recent discoveries;

“I found Fluorites up the hill to Backyard years ago when it was still a sand road. Unfortunately we cannot use them in our jewelry as they are rough pieces and you would need a stone machine to polish them.

In Chaloklum you can find Clear Crystals when you know where the cave is. Here are some photos of Fluorites or Amethyst which have been found here on Koh Phangan”.

Stones and crystals are something you have to believe in for it to work although some of us may believe that they will have an effect on everyone in the subconscious even without belief from a person, could explain the erratic crazy behaviour from the neon clad youngsters around Full Moon time Ha-ha. Also some of our own strange behaviours…

In the end whether you believe in it or not there is hard (literally) evidence that Koh Phangan is a ‘crystal island’. At Beaton shop in Thong Sala they often go wandering in the jungle searching out stones, a dedicated job only for those which eyes and minds know what they are looking for. They have found lots of beautiful black tourmaline which you can find in Beaton if you wish to go take a look.

Beaton gave us some info on the stones found here on Phangan;

'Black Tourmaline is a protective stone which repels and blocks negative energies and psychic attack. Black Tourmaline also aids in the removal of negative energies within a person or a space. Black Tourmaline will cleanse, purify, and transform dense energy into a lighter vibration.

Tourmalinated Quartz has the combined properties and unique energy vibrations of both Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline. Clear Quartz amplifies vibratory energies and intentions. Black Tourmaline's cleansing and grounding influence keeps the Quartz Crystal clear of any negativity'.

Here are some photos of black tourmaline and tourmalined quartz which they found on the island...

Next time you are wandering the coast, take a look at the rock formations, look closely and you may see some sparkly highlights youself. If you believe then Koh Phangan will definitely be your very own crystal island, treat it with care.

If you would like us to take you around the island to see some natural wonders then write us your WISH and it will be granted!

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