12 Runaway Monkeys on Koh Phangan

12 Feb 2021

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Max AKA DJ Vibroclown & Barbara very first met on Koh Phangan as Barbara is a hairdresser and did Max’s hair. After a while, Barbara threw a goodbye party for a friend at Woodstock Bar and invited Max to DJ. Max was very impressed with this party and asked if Barbara would like to put on a party together so this is how it all started.

Hi Guys, Thanks for coming to see us at Phanganist! How was the idea to make the Bass Music parties started?
Basically we like this kind of music and did not feel there was enough on the Island.

What is the concept of these parties?
To spread these genres of music more on Koh Phanagan. It is to give people more variety to choose from. The genres have more of an underground feeling. Our parties are for friends mostly (but of course everybody welcome). Plus we have lots of artist’s involved and it becomes a Circus. At the first party, we had aerial silk and a tea ceremony, at the second we had a tribal bellydance performance.

Sounds very interesting so what types of music genres are being played at 12 Runaway Monkeys parties?
Various subgenres of EDM Trap: Hybrid Trap, Festival Trap, Tribal Trap, and Liquid Trap, A big family of Tropical Bass music: Moombahton/Moombahcore, Baile Funk, Zouk Bass, Rasterinha, Cumbia, Kuduro, Jungle Terror, some Breaks and Dirty Dutch tunes.

What do you think about the Koh Phangan music and party scene?
We both agree that the main thing is there is not enough variety in the music played at parties; people should have more choice, so this is what we try to do.

What are the projects you are currently involved with and what are your next projects?
Doing what we are doing now! Promoting our 12 Runaway Monkey parties and performing as much as possible. We are also working with other artists who perform at the party that makes a show, Barbara does a Hair show and we have aerial silk, fluro show, tribal bellydance and dancehall performers.

Excellent, So hard question to answer but where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Ha-ha, we don’t plan. In the last few years everything has been changing very fast.

Good Answer! So finally, what is your life philosophy?
Just everything we have said, to spread a good vibe and music to people.