How to Deal with a Motorbike Accident

12 Feb 2021

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This is not an article we necessarily want to write, but it is important to know what to do if you get into trouble with an accident, big or small on Koh Phangan.

You’re away from home, there are going to be different protocols than what you may be used to, no National Health Service or equivalent and a different type of insurance or maybe even cost to yourself.

Now, when you do choose to rent a bike use your common sense, you can read up on how to stay safe in a previous article of ours (see underneath).

But no matter how carefully you drive you may have an accident, through other drivers or falling coconuts to say the least!

What we would suggest is that if you are injured or not, let someone know that you’re safe, see if there is anyone around that can help.

If you are renting the bike and have minor injuries then leave the bike where it is and inform the rental company of its location rather than trying to take it with you. It’s better to do this so as to not cause any more damage and it may be dangerous to drive also.

Get yourself to a hospital or a pharmacy depending on what state you have come out of the accident in. You may just fall off and have cuts and bruises but the pharmacists will be able to help get you the right cleaning lotions and bandages, help you sort yourself out and then you can continue to keep the wounds clean and healing.

If you are even a little bit concerned that you may have done something more serious then get yourself to the nearest hospital.

If there is anyone else involved then try to get as much information as you can. If you cannot then if you have friends with you then get them to collect this.

A photo of your bike and other bikes involved, registration plates and a photo of the person if possible.

Try to get some testimonies of any witnesses around, it may be difficult but if the accident was not your fault then the more information the better.

You may have to give information to the police or insurance, you may be asked to pay money to another party etc so collect as much evidence as possible!

If you do end up with an injury that proceeds in you needing some kind of hospital treatment then be prepared to pay. So if you have travel insurance then contact them as soon as possible.

Insurance payouts can take some time to come through and the hospital may want evidence of your insurance if you don’t have the cash to pay upfront.

We hope this helps, hopefully just for you to read and be prepared and as a way to help others you may encounter.

Have fun and stay safe you lovely Phanganist’s!