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KP Blog 2015 #2 by Graham Gold

11 Aug 2015

So where did we leave you last time, ah, I can’t remember. Nothing new there then for me. Memory, eyesight, hearing, Fuck –still can’t believe my girlfriend Sasha still doesn’t go mad at having to say everything 3 times!! Also I am writing this blog without my glasses because I can’t find them, cos I haven’t got my err….err… glasses! Only joking, my eyesight is not that bad yet!

Was great to get a like from Pablo Escobud on a photo I posted, but also shit, as I had been thinking about him and wanted to get in touch with him first!! Anyway, I checked out his Facebook pages and wow, so many great photos and even one of Pablo in a suit!!!!! He seems to be having so much fun this summer touring all over the place.

So we made The Castle on my second scheduled event, after of course missing the first one. I took the last boat which meant having to miss the sunset at Serenity and their amazing ribs and Bloody Mary’s but there is always next time!! Really enjoyed playing which should mean everyone else enjoyed it too.

But I still fucked up the boats again. ...!!!!!  Was aiming for the 9.30 Seatran back to Phangan as had lots to do. Got there at 9.15 and of course they have now made that boat 30 minutes earlier and it had left at 9! So we bought 2 tickets for the Lomprayah, which was over an hour late, there was a stupid stupid queue for check in and then another good half an hour to board the boat as it was so packed!

Full moon was eventful! The subs went down at Simiram, but we still had a good crowd, and Roni Kush finished off the night in fine style after a nightmare as one of the cdj’s had no cables!!  Rushed off to Fubar to play 4 till 6, but their amps had gone, so had to wait 40 minutes for them to cool down, by which time everyone had gone to Sandcastle!! Richard Hanna was super apologetic as Rory Gallagher had played before and it had been busy. Walked back to the jeep with Sasha, Aaron Edwards and new Full moon photographer Elona and on the way I lost my nights wages..Bollox.

The after Full Moon party at The Castle was plagued by huge rain, but we still got 200 in so was all good considering. Jonny Acrobat and then Darragh Casey are playing the next 2 events and then I am back there on Aug 26th.

Rory Gallagher had his birthday bash at Secret Mountain with Rob Gritton, Naq, Vincent Vino, Roni Kush, Darragh and me all playing. It was fun even though we had to buy our own drinks! Was great to see Marius del Mar back on the island!! And today, I had a day off and went to Thong Nai Pan which was lovely!! And tonight we are off to Jeff’s Monday at Charm Beach!!