The Castle - Koh Tao

7 Jul 2015

Tucked away on the tiny island Koh Tao.... an island packed with awesome beach and sports bars that offer endless entertainment night after night you will find the biggest of all small night clubs!!

The castle can only open its doors a few times each lunar month and if you happen to be  Koh Tao on one of these nights... grab a flyer and get there early... the castle has been know to close its doors just after midnight as it it soon reaches capacity.

The castle has had its share of internationals dj's but ot can often be the Phangan and Tao locals that know how to bring you, the dance floor experts from all over the world together....

With 3 levels and 2 sound systems that drive an open air main terrace and air con basement the castle is a Koh Tao must.


Just one night at The Castle, Koh Tao, Thailand. from Jess Ansell on Vimeo.