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The next generation - DJ Bank Sramanora

7 Dec 2012

dj bank sramanora party phangan
dj bank sramanora party phangan

The New generation on Phangan.
DJ Bank from Sramanora Waterfall.

Bank has been so lucky to live by Sramanora waterfall since he was 8 years old.

Him and his family moved 11 years ago from the beach at Orchid Bungalows, at that time called Bancha Beach, to the Sramanora waterfall.

Today Bank and his family are managing a resort on the beautiful Mountain waterfall spot.

The family managed for many years the resort with restaurant and waterfall pools and 10 years ago they started to host the Sramanora Waterfall party, which is now quite a success.

In the beginning they were hosting small parties around the nature pools but stopped again and today it is a proper Electro, Tech House party with lots of happy dancers at every party.

The family now works with Fabrice PHB who is resident DJ.

Bank, who is the son of the family have taken Dj’ing into his life and will surely grow up to be a very skilled DJ.
For 2 years Bank has been practising his Dj skills. He is now warming up the party every time and doing a good job!

dj bank sramanora phangan party
dj bank sramanora phangan party
The resort is in the Jungle in full nature and of course with the waterfall running on the side on 2 nature pools by the restaurant and the first viewpoint.

Mama and Papa is super friendly and you always feel very welcome and cared for when you visit there.
Bank, the soon to be famous DJ, is a very good friend too and you should do yourself the favour to go and say hello.

The party will be 2 days before and 2 days after the big Full Moon Party.

They open the jungle doors around 8pm and will continue till 7am.

dj bank sramanora party phangan
dj bank sramanora party phangan
The dance floor and the Dj booth are amazingly decorated by the SiSTARs Andrea and Luana. The dance floor is made out of pure beach sand so no broken toes because of jungle veins.
Foreign and Resident Djs will Boogie you through the night. Tech house, House, Minimal, Electro is the main vibes pumping out of the speakers.
-  and when the last tune has been vibrating the jungle for that night, you should go up the small jungle road and dip yourself in the amazing nature pools.

When you feel like chilling, you are very welcome to book one of the bungalows in the Beautiful resort.
They offer full accommodation with restaurant and nature pools.

dj bank sramanora party phangan
dj bank sramanora party phangan
If you feel like trekking through the Jungle, you can walk to the Top Viewpoint and enjoy the freaky view of a special coco palm in Siamese style.

Bank, what do you hope for will happen the next year?
"The next season Sramanora is going to be a creative meeting point.

Many foreign Djs will be coming and playing tunes to the waterfall. 
Sramanora already booked a few of the next season’s performances and are looking very much forward to present them at the parties!"

Fabrice PHB have been organizing and helping out with the party schedule and booking and is the Main man of the Sramanora helpcrew.

Bank is for now his “padowan” and is soon to be the co-main crew man of the Sramanora parties.

Favourite time of party .. Bank tells us .. is on the dance floor with my friends!!
Everything is good then!

What is your Dream for Sramanora?
“I hope to make the road up to the waterfall much better.
I want to make concrete so every1 have easy access to our place.
I hope the resort and the spot will grow with me and my family so that in 10 years we have a beautiful famous waterfall spot where every1 from all over the world will come to chill and to party at the party nights.”

dj bank sramanora phangan party
dj bank sramanora phangan party

Last words from Bank would be “Keep your Groove on and let’s Boogie !”

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